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I'd support war with oregon. We could take em.


Fuck that. I am not going toe to toe with my buddy Rob Maxey. That guy's been shooting stuff since he was, like, 3. You could send him out in the woods for a month with nothing but a gun and some fish hooks and the guy would come back with an even larger beer gut.


We'd take the I-5 Hippy Corridor right quick - weed and flyers would be all it would take, but we'd soon get the wire brush treatment from the Stamper Family from both sides...and keeping the supply lines open between Eugene and Ashland would be interesting.

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S-T-A-T-E, Matt. State. ¿Comprende? A pretty weak dodge--even by your standards. But never mind all that; I want to hear more about this war you're planning! lmao


Really? So is it only State employees who you think have too good of a deal? Or only State taxes you don't want to pay?


I'd guess that, on average, Federal employees have a lot better compensation package than State workers. I'd further guess that both you and Jay are equally disapproving of Federal as State employees and that you would argue for lower or certainly not increased Federal taxes along side State and other L-O-C-A-L taxes. However, either way, it is more or less the same "story." An anti-government smokescreen is built on misinformation. If you want to look just at the "issues" regarding State public employees let's look at Jay's "arguments" (I'll talk about him in third person since you seem to want to argue his case for him).


Jay reports that bus drivers make 100k (they don't) and they work for M-E-T-R-O (or other local transit operations -- the S-T-A-T-E does not run a bus service). Jay reports that the Sheriffs refused to forgo the cost of living increases (he forgot to mention that all or most of the other County departments agreed to forgo them) but I should note that here we are talking about C-O-U-N-T-Y, not State employees. He also claimed or anticipated that no State agencies were actually going to honor the furlough days, and he was incorrect about that, too (these are S-T-A-T-E employees). Lastly, I don't know what to think about the P-O-R-T-of-S-E-A-T-T-L-E as an institution or whether their employees have a "good" or "bad" deal, but they certainly have never gotten much good press and they are certainly "government" employees or at least public sector employees but not "State" or "Federal" employees.


So: although you may enjoy a good smirk, the "facts" are wrong, Jay's prior proclamation is nutty and he expresses a complete unwillingness to consider whatever may be the real issues involved:


I'm voting against every single tax measure that comes up until all state workers move to defined contribution retirement plans, the minimum retirement age is 65, and both...





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