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Tele boot recommendations


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Finally wore out the old T2s and looking for something new. God those new boots look beefy. I'm looking for something versatile; day tours at Rainer, long days in the spring in the Cascades with some hiking, and a 6 day Sierra traverse this spring. Suggestions? Thanks.


Currently have BD Crossbows as my all-around but also looking for some phat boards for pow.

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I retired a pair of Crispi CXAs last year and tried on a pair of T2 Ecos and BD Seekers. I have a midwide foot and the Ecos seemed a bit sloppy. Got the BDs and after cooking the liners, I have really enjoyed the step up from the CXAs in performance, all day comfort, and lighter weight. I ski them with World Pistes and Works Stinx and they can drive the midfat really well.

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Current T1's are not much heavier (if at all) than the old T-2's, depending on the year you have. They have a walk mode, and aside from really long traverses are suitable for touring. Plus they make a great resort boot if you plan to ride the lifts once in a while. Mountain gear has the last of the '09's on sale right now.

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