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[TR] Mount Hood SS 09-04-2010


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The boots are all rental, I do have to wonder what they told the rental company (i think its REI but i dont know never rented) they were climbing/why no helmets if renting cramps and boots. I am little more than a newbie climber myself, but i have the distinct impression that naive successes like this can be detrimental to one's climbing perspective. I'm sure they're planning to scramble rainier with 10m of rope in early november.


Water, the reason I posted here is to report the current conditions of the route for other people interested in trying to do an off season climb. Please Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged.


Thanks everyone else for a good feedback.



people interested in doing an off season climb? so basically anyone without a clue, letting them know it is golden to go? anyone with an iota of knowledge about hood knows what off season conditions are.


look, ya'll had a successful climb, that is great, I'm glad you didn't get hurt. But you roped up, with no protection, length of rope, (diameter looks about like 6mm? was it 10m of static from the reel at REI?), full rental gear, climbing this time of year, and sincerely exclaiming surprise that nobody was at the top, screams of a total lack of understanding of what you were doing besides getting to the top. Cheers to that success but what I am saying is having done things as you did, i'd hate to learn of harm befalling you and friends on some other endeavor based on confidence of an ill executed but successful hood climb.


if i posted the same trip report here, I would expect to be judged. Not trying to specifically hurt your feelings, i promise. it is easy to die, why put oneself at additional risk with improper technique, equipment usage, and climbing in what is consistently a bad time to climb?

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What's new, Water?


This is a great time to drop a line for the Mazamas. Yes, yes, I know that the conga line, 11 peep rope teams are a bit much in April-May for Hood; but the BCEP program given every year is mostly material from Freedom of the Hills. What you choose to do with all that great training is up to you.


Seriously Barefooter; that TR was scary. You got very lucky. Great job on the summit though; I bet you and the party really had a great time. Please give the Mazama's BCEP training a look see: http://www.mazamas.org/your/adventure/starts-here/C55/


See you in the 2011 season!

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