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I Know You're Out There.


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Wil. What the hell are you doing in this spray section? Don't you know that it's nothing but a giant bucket of sleaze. Remember when we used to spend our money in 1 dollar bills at the type of bar that made portland famous. It's the same.I'm not ascared of nothing but the fucking chupacabra man.

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Goddamn, thanks for all that dudes. A response

from The Caveman? And Pencil Pusher? Truly I

am overwhelmed. The truth is, I really am a

Newbie, and I really am looking for other Newbies to climb with. 'Course 'round here I

never will know if I'm just being fucked with.

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Looks like you'll just have to climb with me but you should try and bring a girl this time.(Is this what you mean by fucking with you?sorry could'nt resist but I know what you mean that's why I spend most of my time hidden so as not to be f'd with by all these worlds greatest climbers and shit.See it's like those pretentious little twits that began there spraythe second they walked up. We should have made them wait their turn badmouthing smith like that and inferring we were so slow that we must have stopped for lunch was too much. Shame on you for kissing their tight little butts. Dingbat forgot her belay device-Iknow thats why the first rap took 'em an hour-couldn't remember the 'biner brake.And flaking out theirbrand new rope.Assholes are not gender specific in this deal.might even get some smart response to this.

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Ok Stewbone, here we go. First of all, you

know that I would much rather have a girl

fucking with me than one of these bungholios.

Second, I was certainly NOT kissing those

little princess bitches asses-shame on YOU

for saying so. I just need some f-ing SEX

and will do anything to get it(with a WOMAN,

Bungholios, with a WOMAN). Please forgive me. Look forward to climbing with ya Bro.

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