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  1. Dru the Doctor of Semantics. Lost on the coast for 40 years. You will be famous one day, but can your knees take it? C
  2. Remixed using BWP sound bites. Can I have my beer to go? C
  3. semantics=Semites=ten lost tribes=etc etc Think outside the box dru. Stop thinking about the box dru.
  4. I've had good luck withthe Pristine system, as has a un-named guide who did a two month stint in Borneo organizing an adventure race. He said nobody on his trip got sick using it. Best of all it's not Iodine based, it's buffered chlorine something or rather, f#*ked if I know what I'm a History grad. But it's cheap and lightweight. Only real downside is sitting around for the 5 minutes while it unbuffers itself. (See history note above) CBE
  5. Maybe you could deport them to Afghanistan. I hear there are some vacancies.
  6. There is a podiatrist in Whistler that works out of Peak Performance Physiotherapy who is apparently quite good, but I'd get a biomechanical assessment first, which any decent (this may be harder to find in the US) Physio can do. Look for the ones with the Australian accent, (Shameless Plug). There are also several very good boot fitters in Whistler, though their expertise is more in the realm of Ski boots, Surefoot does some hiking boots. In Canmore there is a guy, Tony Demarco?, I'll check that, who is apparently THE climbing boot god. He's ACMG so he has spent some time out walking the walk, and apparently if he can't get you good, you might as well chop your feet off. Having said that, I've had nothing to do with the guy. Then, maybe socks are worth tweaking.
  7. verticalswamp


    I was just staring at some pornograp...out the window, and dreaming of ice. And then I thought, we should have a pool to see when the first waterfall ice is climbed on the coast. Make that BC. So you can pony up with your best guess as to the first day of ice, and add to that where you think it will be. Prizes to the first person to climb something as well. And before barrackroom lawyers like drool start in on it, yes ice has already been climbed in 2001, duh, but I'm talking about the natural season 01/02.
  8. "some things are better left unsaid" Ok Dru? C
  9. So it used to be if your partner got PE he was f**ked. Now if your partner gets PE, YOU'RE F**ked.
  10. You show your youth, Drew. And that was no cucumber. C
  11. the NW face on Matier has a 'schrund big enough to park several buses in right now. It was enough to turn back several moderately rigid members of the Vancouver chapter of the Chippendale Nightmares Sambuca review. Remember Mugs.
  12. I knew an old horse packing guide who swore by leather, but that was in the twenties, for wind proofness. But he never mentioned leather pants. Nice chaps though. And he was out there. Not just mentally. C
  13. Anyone tried ordering stuff into Canada? Or skis? Their prices on skate skis are pretty hot, but I can see the saving getting wiped out by shipping and duty. C
  14. My Ti pot is very beaten. It has not withstood the trials of my pack terribly well, but if you pack accordingly, it's lightness is fantastic. Doesn't Twight say Ti is good? Then why are you asking these silly questions? Do you doubt Twight? Die infidel, die.
  15. What happened to GEARCRITIC? I can't believe that there are no opinions, nor could there be perfect knowledge. At least not here.
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