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    Thanks Uncle Tricky, This might be a "Prozac Moment" I dumped my climbing partner a few weeks back when one day at the local gym I was cussing and sweating my way up a 5.9 and I'd gotten past the "crux", for all practical purposes was done when I noticed 25 feet below me, my fat valley girl belayer wasn't pulling in slack but was flirting with the guy belaying next to her. So, In a CALM voice I requested : "Can you take up this slack?" The Bitch ACTUALLY honked on the rope as hard as humanly possible, ripping me off my stance and banging the side of my head on a giant plastic hold in the process..... So I've been without a partner, but Tricky, you'd be proud: I weaseled out of work about 5 hours early..It was a beautiful day I went to Marymoor and just goofed around and remembered why I loved to climb... Thanks,guys....
  2. skitty


    I know--everyone has to start somewhere, it's just really hard to have to work my way up to "Suck"
  3. I'm from Texas and well, I shouldn't admit this but, I knew how to Bar-B-Que before I could read. Is that useful?
  4. skitty


    So, anyone else get discouraged, really discouraged?
  5. Hey, Sean--Is Wickwire a tool or a knob?
  6. Great Topic. I bagged out of the pub club/ get together in Everett a few weeks back because I was so intimidated by the people here. I just started climbing and I'm bad. Really bad. I know I will have to climb with people that are better than I am to get better but at the same time I don't wan't to get ragged on by trad people because I'm doing it at a gym. I know that we're all not going to hold hands and sing songs, but I don't want to be treated like a total loser either........
  7. Hey, Thanks for everyone's help!
  8. Hi, I've been doing alot of bouldering (indoor) lately and as I've gotten better, obviously I can get higher. Today, I almost finished a problem I've been working on for several days when one move from the top I froze : "Wow it's about 10 feet to the ground, if I fall..." I panicked and downclimbed. I drug over the maxi-pad and still wasn't okay with the whole thing. Here's my question: How do you fall on to a pad or worse case, the ground?
  9. skitty

    Change of location

    Dear AlpineK, Sounds like my dream job. I've spent too much time under artificial lighting. Do You promise that wood will be dropped on me? Where do I apply for this job?
  10. skitty

    Never Mind

    Sweetie, remember this is only Verbal Masterbation and like all masterbation it is a poor subsitute for a real relationship.
  11. skitty

    Never Mind

    Anyway, Wil, We love you anyway
  12. skitty

    Never Mind

    We love you.....
  13. Too late. I am afraid of you guys.
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