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  1. I am curious if rock pro is worth taking or is the rock too rotten or the placements nil? I'm assuming you have to downclimb?
  2. Smokestacks at Smith Rocks

    I live here and I'm upset by the comments on this thread. 11 million gallons of water a day when Bend has already shut down most of its canals and will limit growth in five years due to a lack of water? You Washington mold growers don't freaking get it. I get 9 inches of rain annually at my house 6 miles from Sisters and right now annually we have 50 % of average precip and this drouhgt is 2 years old already. Every tiny drop over here is bickered over as it bubbles out of the ground and offers hope to a parched land. Do you all own stock in power companys and sit and pat your fat guts as your administration destroys your world. I hope you owned Enron stock. Stay in Washington and build your powerplant at that shithole called Frenchman Coulee. Thankyou
  3. sick hard boulder problems

    Dyno, This is not my topic but if you are in central oregon you may want to check out a few places.If the golden walls outlined by the serpentine patina of the crooked river aren't your thing and the smattering of odd problems there just leave you agoraphobic there is an area of sharp pocketed dacite five miles north of Sisters that may intrigue you for an afternoon;difficulty unknown Lake Billy Chinook is littered with boulders that have seen activity. Probably moderates. West of Meadowcamp outside of Bend are some boulders where some kids from Bend and Scott Franklin are roumored to have put up some hard problems. To get to the Sisters boulders; Heading west on the hwy through Sisters make a right on Locust (I think) It is the street with the school just after you turn north. Continue til the road splits and go left on red cinders a total of about 5 miles from the hwy and look for an outcrop on your left and an unsigned cinder road. Good luck and have fun. BTW if you can do the cave with the jones exit at smith let us know what the v grade is for that. It looks hard.
  4. Land use and "endangered" critters

    I like you trask but I am surprised you didn't point out that I misspelled genius- I did it as a pun but the pun is a dying form of cleverness.
  5. Land use and "endangered" critters

    Im glad you're sngle handed saving the world trask And i'll do just what you say mr. trask sir I'll get right on that. Even you should know discussion is the first step and if you didn't spend all your time dissing the genious you read here you would know that me and some senators killed the stimulus pack yesterday. Oh the power of the internet. It's sunny here and Im off to Smith so there! Hope you mold in your rain hell!
  6. Land use and "endangered" critters

    Out of 187 countries we were the only one not to sign the kyoto thing-GWB still spewing that global warming doesn't exist. He called for an independent study that confirmed emissions are destroying the earth and the topic dropped out of sight. If you want to know what a sleazeball we got then look at TX. Dirtiest air in the nation -contracted to dispose of NY's garbage and dump it in west TX-nearly banned climbing in its parks and then there is Enron who's ex execs litter the whitehouse and its cabinet. 243 million in this "stimulus" pack goes to Enron while food banks sit empty. Big deficit spending and mega corporate welfare is the word and believe me it will not trickle down. Look at the airline bailout- everyone still got laid off. To be in bed with big business is one thing -but 187 to 1. That made America seem as arrogant as GWB himself. Jeffers the senator from Vermont is my hero.He finally bailed because GWB didn't want to spend money on special education. Let retards be retards was the mantra I think. Now is the time that all good men must stand up for what's right and get this ship-this great experiment- back on course. Vote and make noise .
  7. Land use and "endangered" critters

    Dru, can I become an honorary canadian until the next election? I can say aboat instead of about.
  8. question for the other women here

    Hi daisey,My wife packs a unit called sani fresh by freshette or freshette by sani fresh- yes I think thats it . got it at rei. I call it the equalizer. she said it took her awhile to "let go" the first time. BTW in bad weather it can save you. In jan. I saw a woman with her pants around her ankles get hit with a gust of wind and got knocked over. Embarrassing for her.
  9. What is your favorite Big Wall?

    Dru -that paragraph is so facinating I was compelled to read over and over. Is it some code or just some northern vernacular? anyway -pretty good.
  10. Just Curious

    Is that a pic of caveman? Yikes
  11. Just Curious

    All I ask is that on judgement day you spare me. I found a 1-800 number that claims to be able to save me.... Please forgive me father for all my transgressions.... O.K. I"m sorry I'll go back to the free thinking hole I came out of. Don't be offended (especially if you're a zealot who wants to kill me for the way I blaspheme)
  12. Just Curious

    rurp has begun the labling and the judgement and the condemnation-just as I predicted. thanx rurp. who will begin the inquisition? P.S. don't waste your time concluding someone doesn't "like" God by what they write on spray or I will be forced to hide my light under a bushel to avoid your slanderous accusations. This conversation is based on intelligence not emotion-but I'm sure you'll go to heaven for condemning it. Me saying whatever I want and not being put to death is the difference between the U.S. and Afghanistan. Weather they're bombing an abotion clinic or the wtc they did it to score points on the get-me-into-heaven board. I'm not trying to change anyones mind . Are you?
  13. Joe Simpson and bad luck or is it stupidity

    In one book about 50 or 60 of his friens die and when he's a kid his sister kicks his ass! now thats bad luck but good reading.
  14. Just Curious

    I thought mysticism was more the antithesis of religion but I am willing to be corrected. After being force fed religion all through childhood I concluded that religion was judgment and condemnation cloaked in the guise of goodness and inspiration- not to mention the heaven /hell theory that could terrify any child.Without the suspension of disbelief(faith) it is no more believable than alliens or atlantis. The bible is laced with accurate history that confuses modern believers. Religion tries to explain what man doesn't understand and give purpose and hope to those who lack it. The problem is that most orthodox religions condemn most other religions. Evil for the sake of a greater good is at the heart of it. Early man sat... and he thought ...and as the voice in his head became louder and more questoining surpassing that of mere instinct or reaction man concluded the voice must not be that of his own....creating a way to explain the acts of men and nature. Nacho, didn't at the same time another man conclude that the voice was actually his own thus becoming the first mystic? back to the question-I don't know? P.S with no college I had to come up with theorys like this on my own so dissect it as you may but be prepared to be labled as a heritic should you expose yourself as an infidel- I'll be praying for you- the irony!
  15. Where were you a year ago? And now?

    Last dec. I was knee deep in the xmas rush at a restaurant that would serve 36,000 uptight shoppers. Fat and depressed with the pale skin and light sensitive mole eyes of the typical portlander I peered into the beyond and began to scheme. Since then we sold the house and I quit my chef job after 14 years. Made the arduous move across the cascades and now we reside 5 minutes from Smith. No debt -no job-but what a view. And some climbing. dropped 10 pounds and got my fat ass up my hardest climb 2 weeks ago. This year we quit talking and actually did it!