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Aid clinic at VW in Seattle


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damn...sorry, double post


Hey all.


If I can stir up some interest, I may be teaching an Aid climbing clinic at Vertical World on Monday night 11/12/02. I have taught three of four of these in the past and folks were really into it. We can talk about anything you want from the basics of standing in aiders to life on big walls...it depends on the interest of the participants.


As of now the clinic is canceled, but if folks sign up soon, it may be on! If interested please PM me, or call and inquire at VW (206)-283-4497


There is a $5 charge.


Also, if you are curious about the class, contact jon, or iceguy. Both have done aid classes with me before.


Thanks, Matt


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awwhhh...thanks eric, you're too kind. you should be honest and tell them that all I really do is brag about my own skills and acomplishments [Wink]


One thing I should clariffy, as I have allready recieved several PM's about this.

It will probably start around 7pm, but i'm not 100% sure about that (I am at school right now)


The cinic is just that, a clinic, or demonstration. Due to time constraints and the size of the group, we won't be able to have everyone practice lots of stuff. But I garauntee that you'll get your 5 bucks worth.


I am working with the VW manager on setting up a series of hands on aid classes this winter. No details have been aranged yet. But if there is intrest, it will happen. Unfortunately it will definately cost more than $5.


I'm not trying to advertise for VW here, although I realize that I basicaly am. But I just wanted to throw this out there to see if any CC.comers are into it. If I don't generate some interest, the monday night clinic won't happen.


Ok, let me know if you have more questions. thanks, Matt

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I took one of them there aid clinics one winter. I liked it so much (lots of cute girls and at least a couple of young, fresh athletic looking fellows) that I decided to follow up with a seminar on what was described in the brochure as "sport climbing".


Now, both seminars covered some of the same material, in fact the only difference I could perceive was that in "sport climbing", one must move between bolts (which come at a tedious frequency) by contorting his body into painful positions, instead of just standing up in a sling and clipping. If the contortions fail to provide access to the next clip, simply pull up on a sling and clip the next bolt, but be sure to lower back three feet and provide evidence to the circle of gapers below that you are capable of these contortions.


Also, it is important, once the bolt is reached, to shake out for five minutes and communicate with the gapers using a vocabulary that is certain to make them understand that you're playing for keeps up there, and that "sending the sickness" is what they may expect to witness if they are just patient.

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