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Koflach Arctis Expe v. Denali Intuition


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if memory serves right, the arctis is the yellow shelled model? That liner is fairly non-permiable and takes a bit to dry out. Being silver doesn't help either. Luckily the dry acon-choss-ua air could dry it out ok. If you have fairly sweaty feet, this is something to consider.

I don't know about the intuitions ability to dry. I used a old pair of invernos back when and they were fine for the temperatures. I don't think sweet expensive ituitions are needed unless you have "cold" feet. Trash the originals, then buy the intuitions for denali if that is your goal.

like Dane says...

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Haven't been on Aconcagua, but I did replace the stock Arctis Expe liners with Intuitions for Denali and they worked well (it was mostly for fit issues, but also lighter and warmer). The intuitions don't really absorb much moisture and dried easily. I'd second what Dane and Gene said too.

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Aconcagua is a whole other world than Denali. If you were heading to Alaska instead of to Argentina I'd wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Intuition liners. In decent late spring conditions the Intuitions with no over boots will often be enough to summit in. But just barely..for me. They absorb very little moisure and easily dry out in your bag within a few hours. They are wonderful to put on in the morning!


I found life on Aconcagua easier at 20K feet than it is on Denali at 11K feet. Denali you are on snow when you step off the plane till you get back on one. Aconcagua, 3 or 4 days at most on snow should do it and the rest all on gravel trails.


In those conditons (gravel trails) Intuition liners would be really hard on my feet. I've always used some type of trail shoe or trail runner to at least 17.5K (Condor) on the reg route on Aconcagua. Been to Berlin camp several times carrying loads in just runners and heavy wool soxs (18.900'). You'll really appreciate using a light shoe on the walk in and up to around 16K' on the Polish route where you'll generally hit snow. YMMV with conditions :)

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