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  1. That's one I've always meant to do. Feel free to pm this spring or summer. I'm pretty experienced with the volcanoes and various other mountains. - Steve
  2. Yes (as of yesterday). West Face Gully looked nice also (I went up Shastina). Way less people on that side (Hidden Valley and West Face Gully), not solitude by any means, but way less than Avalanche Gulch.
  3. Haven't done it, but I think the real issue would be the stream/river crossings, especially the Sandy. Something to look into.
  4. Yeah, but every year someone falls off it coming down. East exposure to sun turning it to slush I suspect.
  5. South Sister, something in Goat Rocks of WA, or the Tatoosh range in Mt. Rainier Park might be good options for ya.
  6. Wow. I think he did more this year than most in a career!
  7. Since when did K2 become a slog? One of the 14 last I heard.
  8. Anybody hear anything about this? We were watching the kid's crew race on Vancouver Lake through binocs and saw a big slide on the SW side of St. Helens (actually saw it moving, and could see large debris piles at the bottom). And we were thinking how great it would be to be skiing up there. Hopefully it was a natural thing and not set off by anyone.
  9. Don't think that Coooper Spur is that easy - it's exposed and people fall off almost every year it seems, especially if descending it. If you're coming from the east coast and not familiar with the mountain the south side might make more sense. You can go mid-week or do a variation (w. Crater rim, etc.) to avoid people.
  10. Could depend on if you're planning to bivy or not. I have an OR advanced for camping in, or for maybe taking along on bigger things, and one of those "space blanket"-type things in a bag shape for taking along all the time.
  11. Denali Expedition Gear for Sale Mega warm Feathered Friends down sleeping bag, parka, bomber Trango 3.1 tent, and some fleece pants. Summited and don’t think I’ll be needing anything this warm for the Cascades. All in great shape. I used the sleeping bag and parka on two trips to Denali and I believe they were used on one by the prior owner. I got the tent new and used it for one Denali trip plus a day each on Hood and Rainier. I’m in Portland. Feathered Friends Sleeping Bag: Here’s a description from the guy I bought it from. I used this on two trips to Denali and I believe it was used on one by the prior owner: “Feathered Friends Snow Goose Sleeping Bag (-40f/11” loft). Long model (6’6”) (great for sleeping with boot liners, water bottles, etc.) with Epic material, whale blue in color. Overfilled 4 ounces and upgraded to 800+ fill. Probably the lightest -40+ degree sleeping bag on the market.” Excellent condition. Paid about $750 retail. Asking $500. Feathered Friends Parka: Feathered Friends Icefall Parka with 800+ fill down and several ounces (two ounces?) of overfill, and a detachable Rock & Ice hood. Red with black. One very small (<1/2”) rip in back which was sewed, very hard to notice. New standard these are about $385. Asking $300. Mountain Hardwear Tent: Trango 3.1 three person tent White/blue body, orange with gray fly. Probably 80% of the tents on Denali are Trangos. Also, I added some custom guy lines with rings similar to the VE-25. These run about $680 new. Asking $400. Marmot Tech 300 Fleece Pants. I haven’t used these. Men’s size Large, color Black. Full side zips/reinforced panels, through the crotch zip. Asking $40. PM or sevans at coho dot net
  12. I'd check with the Mountain Shop. They did some work on my plastic climbing boot shells and heat molded my Intuition liners. Don't know about Baruntse liners but I imagine they would. Edit: Actually was Oregon Mountain Community, but probably either would be good.
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