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warming temps and ice formations


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After looking at the weather for this weekend I'm trying to figure out if I should bag my plans. Does anyone have opinions on what might be "solid" this weekend? I'm also considering how this heavy snowload is going to affect the stability of that pow we've been getting. The NWAC report didn't make feel good. I'm in the Seattle area and can't really afford the day light to drive 4-5hours+long approach in only one day. X-38, alpental and like are on their way out. I was looking at the Skookum falls report from Wayne, but at only 2826' it's going to be getting rain. I haven't heard much about Fuggs as a good option.

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I climbed Fugs on Tuesday and it was FAT. It's only forcast to get above freezing briefly on Saturday, so I wouldn't worry about Fugs at all.


I climbed at X38 today and there is a shit ton of snow up there with more coming down as we left. Snow and generally crappy weather will likely be more of a problem for the X38 climbs than warm temps. That WI3 "unnamed" climb looked pretty much buried. I would guess the Alpental climbs are also getting buried.


Best bet for ice this weekend would be Vantage, Tieton, Banks Lake, etc...





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Exit 38 was OK today but like the man said lots of new wet snow everywhere. The forecast for North Bend is for rain starting tomorrow and temps approaching 40. That'll bring the ice down nice and fast :).


There's another thread with Banks Lake conditions which didn't sound like much had formed about five days ago. I think I saw someone had climbed Fugs.


I'd head East too. Or North to Littlewet.




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Went up to Franklin Falls (Exit 47) yesterday. It was not formed but the walls around it were in nicely. We set up a yoyo and did a variety of stuff. The avy danger there is small to none unless you go way left. But then you are too close to the highway and your biggest problem would be the plowed snow falling from 180 ft above.

The slabs were kind of thin and there were some chandeliers but there were also a couple green columns.


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