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  1. Like New. Maybe used 6 times. It just doesn't fit my torso. It comes with a bunch of extra compression straps of all lengths. $150+shipping. If you're in Seattle just let me know and I can drop off or you can pick up.
  2. I spent a whole day climbing WI3-4 in Lilooet with my dynafit boots out of necessity and had no issues at all except that the hike in sucked. I would say if you can skin in and ski out, then always climb in your AT boots. If the weather is warm watch your feet because ski boots get make your feet mush once they get really sweaty, then you're F'd. I can't imagine why I would carry two sets of boots in the NW. If I can't ski in, then I'll snowshoe or walk and if I can ski in there is no ice route that my ski boots would be a disadvantage on.
  3. old tube socks doubled over with caps on of course.
  4. Check out Bozeman mountain works http://www.bozemanmountainworks.com/?do=showpage&id=14
  5. I got this as a gift, but I have enough GPS stuff already. It's unopened, never used. Color: gray/orange. $50. If you live in Seattle, then pick up/drop off can be arranged. Bushnell BackTrack -Dan
  6. look at the knot specs for a double becket bend for joining ropes of different diameters.
  7. I've had the M11's for several years now. They are low volume, so I took out the insole to get more room in my toes. They are great all purpose boots - light, hike well, warm enough and climb fine. Some of the rubber rand around the toe has seperated on both boots and if I sometimes get small amounts of water in them. Not too big a deal though. Way overpriced, but that's them damn Italians for ya.
  8. There were a couple of guys climbing on sunshine on the 3rd and 4th. The rock was warm and dry. I imagine with lows being in the 30's and partly sunny, it will actually be pretty nice there. No chance of precip for either sat. or sun. Ice isn't going to be good for a while. I'll be curious to see if anyone finds any "safe" WI this weekend in WA.
  9. not likely given the forecast. It was close to 0 F at night and in the 20's during the day. At that temp and sun, there was still quite a bit of melt taking place. It should be getting warmer over there this week. There will probably be some interesting mixed lines though as the ice goes, if that's your thing.
  10. Trip: Fuggs Falls - Fuggs Falls Date: 1/4/2009 Trip Report: Fuggs was good this weekend. Several groups were there, but it wasn't too crowded.
  11. Ya, We didn't make it over the pass today. It was backed up for avy work. The weather was crap anyway West and East, so we tucked tale and went home.
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