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Summer Sucks, Viva Invierno!

Hugh Conway

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Nice stoke, thanks for sharing. How long were you there? I'm curious how many of your days saw fresh snow, and also how much was Marte running?


I was there for a week last year. Unfortunately the Santa Rosa no showed and the snow was disappearing fast. We had a nice time, but it was a lot of money and travel time to ski corn (and some dirt) for a couple hours a day. Now looking at your pics I'm kicking myself for not going back!

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I was in Las Lenas solely for that day because I'd heard rumours that Marte would be running and knew the conditions were pow :) According to various sources it'd been closed for the week prior (or longer) and was averaging ~40% open for the season. Definitely an expensive place to stay in the middle of nowhere.


I was in Argentina + Chile for 2 weeks (Sunday to Sunday). Flew in to Santiago, rented a car, drove down the Chilean side to Bariloche, drove up the Argentine side and crossed over. Had pow for ~1/2 the time, including the 2m in 3days when I was at R. Frey.

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