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The Future of Food


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I recommend this film highly...


Dechristo, I particularly like the "gene gun" and the part about human-kind practicing biotech for more than 6 000 years vis a vis beer making.



Yeah, the gene gun: pretty awesome technology producing torn cellular walls (by gold "bullets") to allow for cellular modification. The ad agency that came up with the presentation (and analogy), no doubt, had a hard time deciding which the public would like better (and be sold by): beer-making or showing puppies.


It does become a different story, more so than it was at the start, when accidental cross-breeding occurs destroying previously autonomous genetic stock by rendering it sterile (with a Terminator gene) or hobbling all successive strains with the need for patented applications in order to germinate.


...and should you, as a farmer, bear the misfortune of wind-blown contamination of your genetic stock (or contamination by any means) by patented genetic stock, you will be sued by the patent holders...and the current state of Law demands that the complainant prevail.

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