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Complete Rock Rack & Gear Sale


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Greetings, from Seattle [ MPAUL Hansen ]

Interested in your BD and REI carabiners for $2 each.

I work in downtown Seattle.

Can meet at Columbia Center or can meet elsewhere in

downtown Seattle, or ? North Seattle ?


thanks !!!! MPH

I tried to send you a pm for details on an exchange, but you don't accept them. Send me a pm and we can figure something out.

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ill takethe shoesand any camsor nuttsthast are left


Hey Whirlwind. The shoes may be available, I need to check with Chuck on his earlier bid on my day off since I have been a slave at the hospital for the past few days...


You spoke up for the nuts first so if you want the #1, 2, & 3 for $5 each (+ a few $ shipping) they are yours.

Let me know.

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Either my prices were fair or way too cheap. ;) I'm happy to have some cash in my pocket. There's still some good stuff left.


I've worked 3 long shifts and am tired, so I am going to bed before heading back tomorrow for some more fun on the oncology unit.


I'll update the post tomorrow eve or early Thursday morning. I'm too tired to think right now.


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$5 $ 6 for the dog and $10 for the table.


Got a good chuckle from this one. Table is my spouse's and even though I can't stand it, it isn't currently for sale. Keep your eyes peeled on craigslist this summer... maybe he'll consent to sell it by then. Dog is also his (our's now I suppose :grin: ) I think he'd need more than your generous offer of $6 to recoup the vet bills and trainer costs. ;)

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OK.....$7 but you toss in the collar.



Nah, seriously, my issues with the 2 mutts my wife drug home over my objections have been well documented. 2 very spry Jack Russells which as it turned out seem to stangely love and respect me the most.


So I'm over-dogged as it turns out right now. Good luck with moving on chelle.

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Anything still left?


I'll take dips on the petzl reverso if you still have it. Also interested in what cams, quickdraws, stoppers and nuts are left.


Kevino- The reverso is yours if you still want it. All the quickdraws are available, and if you want hexs there are several to choose from. Available cams are listed above in my edited original post. Stoppers are sold. I don't think my pm's to you are getting through, so pm me to let me know what you want and we can work a deal.

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