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BD Reactors: how are they do climb with?


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They climb basically like vipers. That said, after climbing with Vipers for two years and generally being a diehard BD fan, but trying Reactors side by side with Nomics on grade 4 and 5 ice, there is unfortunately no way I could even consider getting the Reactors. The Nomics are a world apart in their stick, but much more importantly in their grip. Mind you the grip may be a different matter for you. Hope this helps.

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I've used them almost exclusively this year and am coming from the Cobras and a little experience with the Takoons. I initially thought - perfect - they're supposed to do ice and mixed well and in the effort, they don't do either very well. After more use though, I am coming to like them on everything but pure and steep ice (no experience with them on grade threee or under)They don't have enough bend up top for a natural swing and they don't clear buldges all that well. That same mellow curve up top makess them not all that stable on delicate mixed terrain either. However, all that said, I am beginning to leave my Cobras behind if there is a hint of mixed climbing and, as I become more proficient at the many cool options leashless climbing offers, I'm getting sold. I even placed a few pins and, aside from the serious beating that the hamnmer took (they are replaceable) they did surprisingly well.


Not sure what you mean by "mountain steeps" but I'd think they would be a lousy alpine tool for obvious reasons.

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