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  1. i was out there on saturday and none of that was still hanging. we were bummed!
  2. im hoping to be out there on the 26th let me know how the conditions are if anyone is up there in the next week!!
  3. what do you need?? i got lots in size large. plus i can get more. ;-)
  4. i'll vote for patagucci or arcteryx. i've bought liz a few pieces from them. they fit her great.
  5. i ended up ordering the clip fix since they will only be on one set of skis. thanks for the help!!
  6. clip fix thats what i ment. thanks for the help guys
  7. so it sounds like the ascension sts is the way to go. how often does the glue need to be applied? they come glued right?
  8. im getting my first set of backcountry skis soon and have a few questions on skins. i have been looking at the black diamonds what the differences/benefits between the ascension and the glidelites? also what the differences between the different attachments. clip fix, sts, standard and the customs. i read that bd was making specific skins for bd skis. these will be used on a pair of bd verdicts with free rides. thanks from the n00b
  9. the military has started to target this type of a crowd for special forces recruiting. climbers, triathletes, adventure racers and the like have the ability to go harder longer and thats what they are looking for!
  10. i went to the 10th mountain yearly picnic this summer. there were some amazing stories to be heard. they are the origional hard men. the guy that i want with was one of the fouders of ski patrol at timberline. he just turned 95 and to hear the stories he has is amazing!
  11. if the main was tripped there is no way you could have power at your hot tub. if the breaker was in the off position then someone turned it off. when they trip they arent in the off position. sounds like something a little henky is going on there. i'd have my sig out too!
  12. i have a version of this pack that is a few years old. its called the talus, and its one of the most uncomfortable packs i have ever had on. and thats pretty much the same for all REI packs
  13. liz and i are planning on doing this climb next weekend if your interested.
  14. do they make softshell helmets?
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