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  1. Goin' pro? Wanna hit the big time? This pack will get you there. It will make all of your shots sharp, your snow white and skies deep blue. With this pack, all of your athletes will stomp their landings, send their proj's, and be bathed in beautiful light all day long. #HELLYEAHBREAUX This is the pack you've been waiting for: http://bit.ly/1yk99D0 Sells new for $340, selling for $225. It's brand new, "Medium/Large" in size (they don't make sizes) and a "cloud white" color that actually is slightly gray. It doesn't come with an ICU, but, unlike their packs, those are usually in stock on their site. This pack is also compatible with the FStop Sun Tether System, that allows you to actually attach the sun to your pack at the angle you choose, virtually guaranteeing you splitter weather and just the right light, anytime. (Sold separately). You can email me directly at jimATvertizonphotoDOTcom. MY FIRST PREFERENCE IS TO SELL THIS WITHOUT SHIPPING IT, SO I WILL GIVE PREFERENCE TO PEOPLE IN THE SEATTLE AND LEAVENWORTH AREAS. If I ship it, I'll add that to the price. Thanks for stopping by.
  2. Andrew Rennie on Sloe Children. Index, WA.
  3. Snow Travel Skills

    Crampons will not stop you if you slide. They will break your ankles however and, if you're new with crampons, you should really have an axe along in case you stumble. Warm spring snow is nothing but a nightmare with crampons anyway, as snow balling-up underfoot can make them downright dangerous, or at best, a total pain in the ass. You can find REALLY light aluminum axes that are basically made for self-arrest only ( http://www.camp-usa.com/products/ice-axes/corsa.asp ) and weigh just over 7 oz. For relatively easy access to good sliding terrain, I'd head up to Pan Point above Paradise. Great run-out, good pitch, and you can go as high as you like. This face does slide occasionally, but that's all I'll say about that. The same high-traffic that makes it generally packed enough to slide on, also makes it "generally" safe avy-wise. I'll reiterate though - it can slide. Finding something steep enough to slide on in a ski resort from the base would be, I think, problematic. And bumpy. I used to guide kids in the Rockies and rather than suit up a 12 yo. with pointy things, we'd practice self-arrest by kicking feet and dragging elbows with your arse high in the air, which is actually really effective in soft snow. FOTH should have that in there as well. Good luck!
  4. That pretty much says it all. Good discussion of the the options though.
  5. That's so rad! I see those lines on the upper right of the Nisqually every year and have never had the motivation. They look way better than I'd imagined for s-facing volcano ice. Way to get after it!!
  6. I had the same experience on Loose Lady when I did it. I scared to poop out of me. More like Wicked Wanda. I guess that's why ice is so darn cool.
  7. MSR Tents

    Hubba Hubba is BRAND NEW - never even been unloaded from stuffsack. $200. (MSR is sold out for the year already) Elbow Room 3 - spacious car camping tent or backpacking tent (7lbs +). Massive vestibules and totally bomber. Gently Used. $150. http://www.amazon.com/MSR-Elbow-Room-Three-Person-Tent/dp/B00187CZ3Y Dragontail Single Wall 2-person/4season tent. 4+ pounds. Tags still on it - never used. $225. http://www.amazon.com/MSR-12442-Dragontail-Two-Person-Tent/dp/B0018797L2 And for the record, these are not stolen! :-) LOCAL ONLY PLEASE - PDX OK
  8. Problems with Ti Jetboil

    Hey - A disclaimer that I work for MSR, but even though this wasn't the far superior Reactor (!!!), these stoves do burn hot and the tilt in your set-up, I'm pretty sure, was the culprit. The damage is consistent with running a dry pot. Though you had snow in it, if you don't start with water and then add snow *slowly* (ensuring that water is not fully absorbed into the snow) you're essentially running a dry pot and that heat is not being absorbed by the pot's contents efficiently enough to prevent damage to the pot. Because of the concentration of heat with such stoves, there's little forgiveness in such situations. Bummer if that's the case, but at least now you can upgrade :-)
  9. Dual vs. Monopoint ... Leashed v.s Leashless

    I think mono's make/let you climb better. No leveraging out/off secondary points on dime edges or ice features. After climbing on monos for over-well, a long time-it's hard to argue against the benefit of pulling a fluid drop knee or hip rotation of a svelte mono. And on crappy ice, stepping into your pick holes is a priceless bene that has saved many a climb from collapsing. In wet, crappy snow I kick harder to engage secondary points and the I-beam construction of most monos today seems just fine for my 150 lbs. On leashes, I've dropped (knocked out) a tool with old-school lockers mid-crux pitch on Louise Falls while placing a screw and had androids mysteriously come unclipped at the top of climbs while dangling them. Most notorious was at the top of the Coleman headwall-there's still a nice cobra in some crack up there. You can always drop tools if not careful. Switching up hands when there is only one good placement and you're pumped silly - priceless. I don't agree that you need to be in better shape either. You just need to change your style to accommodate the advantages provided by climbing unleashed. It still freaks me out at times, but I'm always blown away at the top of a climb how often I switched-up tools, de-pumped with ease, and paced pro way faster. I'd probably wimp out and bring my old cobras on big or remote climbs, but I probably won't be saying that for much longer.
  10. BD Ice Tools and MSR Tent FS

    The Fusions are the Orange ones. Got them last year as demos. Cobras are the leashed-variety - not the new ones. I'll get some images shot today. Thanks for your patience.
  11. BD Cobras (w/ android leashes) two seasons on one of them, only a few routes on the other. $220/ea. 2009 BD Fusions. Lightly used demo tools. $190/ea. MSR Elbow Room 3P tent. Great, roomy (and bomber)car camper. Lightly used (3-5 times?). $175. PM for pics. upzmtn(at)gmail.com -Jim
  12. Yeah - what they said. Inspiring guys, and some rare, stunning shots. Where's the link???
  13. Please be on the patrol for anyone selling a bunch of new gear for prices that seem like "a steal". They just might be. Let's support this new shop owner. You know you that this Smith Rock shop has saved your trip at least once before! Read the full article here at SNEWS°: Redpoint Climbers Supply Cleaned Out by Thieves "Redpoint Climbers Supply cleaned out by thieves."
  14. [TR] Alpental + Leavenworth Ice - 12/25/2009

    yikes - not sure, but I wonder if that v-thread is kosher. Seems it would have to be horizontal to evenly distribute forces, no? I've never seen nor made one vertically in my...well, let's just say a long time :-) Looks like a great day in der Leavenvert. Good show.
  15. 22" 2010 green Lightning Ascent snowshoes for sale. Still packaged. $175. I'm trying to sell these locally first so please don't hassle me if you were "first" but want me to ship them. Just tryin' to keep it simple z'all. upzmtn AT gmail.com