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NCR: Owyhee River


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Not Climbing Related (but could be for someone who enjoys Oregon Adventure Climbing)... but I thought we could use some positive stoke here in the Oregon forum.


Last May I had the distinct pleasure of spending 4 days on the Owhyee River in Eastern Oregon. My good friend Justin Wellman runs Owyhee River Expeditions and invited me along on the trip, and it was simply amazing.


The Owyhee is perhaps one of the most wild-scenic places in all of Oregon... for that matter the Pacific Northwest. The geology of the gorge is rather diverse from 200+ foot basalt walls to Smiff-esque tuft outcrops.


Though the river isn't as gnar as some others in Oregon, the beauty of this trip is hard to beat:




For more info on the Owyhee, check out Justin's Owhyee River website:


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shapp, we put in at rome, and yes there is gnar to be had on the river, and definately you are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out there.


I wouldn't really call it a conventional raft trip. It's way to plab for that.


JayB if you are looking for a cool group to go with, drop me a PT as May gets closer and get some!

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I had the pleasue of working on a fire at the Hole in the Ground this year. From what I could see there was miles and miles of smith tuff. It was great to have the perspective of looking down into the canyon, but I sure would have rather been down there rolling over in an IK or something. If your ever driving down 95 take a detour the Jordan Craters if youve got time... remote Oregon at its best.

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