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A Bum with some serious skillz


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How many climbers are sponsored by Black Diamond and Patagonia? Perhaps climbing gear manufacturers need to be more selective of whom they sponsor. They need to consider ethics and concern for the environment in addition to climbing skills.


Patagonia (Rock Climbing)


Katie Brown

Steph Davis

Brittany Griffith

Lynn Hill

Ron Kauk

Timmy O'Neill

Dean Potter

Sonnie Trotter


B/D (US climbers only)


Conrad Anker (USA)

Tommy Caldwell (USA)

Kitty Calhoun (USA)

Eric Decaria (USA)

Chuck Fryberger (USA)

Eli Helmuth (USA)

Charlotte Jouett (USA)

Kevin Mahoney (USA)

Rob Miller (USA)

Andy Raether (USA)

Chris Schulte (USA)

Adam Stack (USA)

John Varco (USA)

Heidi Wirtz (USA)




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I didn't get too far into the post to comment on the main issue, but I did notice early on the line


cmacs somewhat misleading topo added to the adventure of the climb..


IMO this immediately places doubt as to the credibility of the poster. 95% of the time I have found that people attributing their failure about being misled by the topo, the guidebook, a post on the internet, etc... are merely excuse-spouting f*ckups.


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You're such an ass, but I'm certainly happy to derail your stupid thread.


Never said I haven't ever failed, just that I think people who whine about being fooled by topos should call someone who cares.



go screw yourself, chuck...you started this! boxing_smiley.gif

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BD could tell you in five minutes who had those prototypes. But maybe just look on Patagucci's "Ambassador" page ("ASS being the key phrase) where we see on Dean-o's bio:


" He also made the first free ascent of Mount Watkins, Yosemite's other Grade VI wall, in a day."


Ahem. Go clean up your shit, chump.


And NO NPS involvement. If the Park service has to get involved, we will all suffer. They will regulate first, ask questions later. We should be able to police our own.

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From one of the posts I read it sounded like they set that up as a sort of Via Ferata to practice soloing on, just climbing while sliding a mini traxion up the fixed lines. Sounds like a good way to train for endurance to me. But its very poor style to just abandon it or even leave it up for any length of time. If anyone doesn't see this as the logical extension of leaving draws on a route they are naive. I used to think it was great that some people were able to make a living from climbing but now I wonder if the price isn't too high if this is the kind of shit they have to do to prepare themselves for magworthy feats.

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