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my "new" toy


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So what the hell is that little ride? It has a 5th element on it nice, I am not to big on Fox forks, platforms nice, discs hopefully Hayes hyraulic. No no waiting for the I-5 park to open, get out there ride and try not to think about crashing. It is going to happen at some point so don't worry about it. The last time I went I should gotten a picture, I ripped open my shin on my pedals. It was nasty looking blood all across my shin and my sock was completely soaked red, got some good looks form the locals, though.


bigdrink.gifbigdrink.gif Have fun.

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Looks like a SC Heckler to me. laugh.gif Nice ride! "My E" has one of those and loves it. Hers is Root Beer colour though.


Why not rappell while on your bike. Some of us CC'ers rappell wearing skis so precedent has been set. grin.gif


I hear someone rode the slabs descent off the Apron in Squamish... on belay. I await the pictures of your ascent of Diedre w/ the new bike TLG. wink.gif

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