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Baker seracs this weekend


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The ones at the toe of the Coleman. I have'nt tried them yet so don't know heights but fro what I've read, they seem to be up to 30 meters.


there are several threads on this, do a search


If the avy level is considerable + then we will go there this w/e. If not, then either Hannegan/Ruth or around Shuksan.

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a little over 2' of snow this week at the Baker Ski Area. thats at about 4-5,000' elevation. what is the elevation at the seracs, or thereabouts? they will likely have lots of new snow on them. bring your skis with you and if there is too much snow for the ice climbing then it should be great for the skiing! :-)

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The NWAC forecast is calling for Considerable danger above 4-5k, Moderate below. I think the seracs are at about 4-5k. As I remember, getting to the seracs didn't involve crossing avalance terrain, but I may be mistaken. The seracs are big enough to place 3-4-5-6 screws depending on pucker factor, so I figure a few feet of snow won't change things too much. Good call on the skis though. It could give me a chance to try out the split board as an approach tool. grin.gif

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The road isn't plowed. I was up there on the 17th and could only get up six miles from hwy 542, the trailhead for heliotrope ridge is at 8 miles. It is an easy ski up especially since the bilers are always packing it down good.


OMB, I would be into hooking up but we (Blake and I) are just taking all of our gear and seeing what conditions present. I'm not sure what to expect or where we might end up (Grahms bar in a drunken stupor...?!) PM me for a phone number.


Yeah , heliotrope and a path (hahaha) leads off to the left as you come out of the woods. Basically, this time of year, grab the topo and look for the toe of the coleman.

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We can ski it pretty fast.


We could prolly get a tow if need be...



that's what I had in mind Blake grin.gif


Easy, fun tour approach

great snow caving

yo yo powder

some ice

great views

bar close by


what else do you need...Anabelle Bond




There was some detailed approach beta on some recent (last two months) threads for those of you willing to explore the "Search" function yoda.gif

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Sounds like the snow will be even lower than on the 17th, so the idea of finding a direct xc route to the toe sounds appealing. When on the glacier last time I noticed we were above a significant rollover; it would be sweet to kind of contour right to the seracs, eh?


I'm gonna call Justin_RR and get a ride with him Saturday AM. He has snowshoes and I splitboard. Sounds like if nothing else it'll be a good day for testing the split as an ice-approach system. rockband.gif What time are people thinking about being up there?

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We had a great time, But we didn't go seracing. The powder conditions were too good so we went noodle farming instead. cool.gif


We drove up Glacier Creek Road 5 miles on packed powder (4WD + traction tires) and could have drove the whole way to the trailhead at 8 miles as the 'bilers packed the whole thing down good. There was a fairly decent skin track through the woods and we made it to tree line in 3 1/2 hours from the truck. We made a snow trench and camped out in our bivy sacks. Brrrrrr. It must have got down to the low teens. Next day it never seemed to get above lower 20's. great blower pow to play in fruit.gif


We skied back to the truck from camp in 1 1/2 hours.



Conditions on Sunday Dec 4 2005. There is plenty of blue ice showing




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