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  1. PM me .. too.. i got Tue-thursdays off.. alpine, glacier, snowshoeing .. whatever..
  2. i'm interested in doing some winter routes.. but I'm not that experiences.. so if you patient PM me.. later
  3. What trail (sv) (RN) are you gonna do.. Heliotrope? Shreidners Medow.. (Easton Glacier) I"m up for anything to test the limits..
  4. Alright.. so whats the game plan.. I need some dates to figure out whos and who and whats what.. let me know wzzup (been sick too.. its going around) later
  5. I'm in for mt baker if its 12/20-12/23 I gotta work that friday ..
  6. Check PM.. I'm of the same attitude.. summit or not.. get up, gear up , get out! I'm in the U-District
  7. When I was up there they had groomers out.. Grooming the FR for the snowmobiles.. so I assume all the FR are the same. if there is snow on them then they groom them but not clear them.. .. when in doubt plan for the long hike..plan an extra day.. for new snow
  8. 864$ right now on delta 14.5 hrs there and 21 hours back from seattle to paris. My wife says no
  9. PM me if anyone is heading up to baker or No.Cascades Dec 27th-29th.. Gotta new pair of snowshoes and crampons to break in.
  10. Snow at 500'..take snowshoes.. I was on the trails last week and some of the trail was under 4 feet of soft snow.. good luck
  11. I hear you about the partners.. sorry that i'm not experienced enough for ya.. and only tue-thur off..
  12. Is it pretty fluffy and slushy.. snowshoe weather? I"m hoping to sumit?? sounds doubtfu
  13. anyone been on the roads out to baker.. are there any to stay away from.. hows it looking for summit? Is the snow deep?
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