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bishop boulders


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i am travelling to bishop next week for work. i've driven through town on the way to/from j-tree and the valley, but i never stopped at the boulders. unfortunately i won't have much time to sightsee, but i'd like to at least see some of the boulders. does anybody know of a good online site for maps and/or beta? any must see boulder/area? any way to get to the areas without a car in case i'm not listed as a driver?

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You are going to need a car unless you hang out in a coffee shop and overhear some dude saying, "yeah brah, it's totally sick; you mantle off this sloper straight into an egyptian!" and can hitch a ride with him.


Online Guide


Be sure to check out the Grandpa boulder and, if you are up for it, consider doing the incredibly highball v1 on the south (?) side. hahaha.gif I think it's probably 50ft or so.


MisterE on the gnar gnar sickness:



Note my attentive spotting technique.


If you want some softly rated sport climbing, check out Owen's River Gorge. It's kind of like Smith Rock, but with more pockets.


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any must see boulder/area?


If you have a full day, make sure you hike up to the Druid Stones. . . one of the most amazing places I've been. The long hike is well worth it, on account of not many pad people are willing to make the trek and the views of the valley are spectacular. The Druid Stones themselves are absolutely stunning mushsmile.gif


While fun climbing, I though the Happys were sub-par due to the over use, particularly the obnoxious spewings of the Chico State brahs and others. Unless you like bouldering to the incessant sounds of "Fucking send it dude! Do that bitch! Come on!", I'd avoid the happies.

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Yep, you either go way-way early in the morning (it starts to really heat up around 9am) or arrive after 6pm.

Another bouldering possibility is in Rock Creek, underneath the Main Wall. Boulders are scattered amongst the aspen and pine, along the creek. It'll be 20+ degrees cooler than Bishop, and its only 30 minutes away.

Details can be found in the Mammoth Area Rock Climbs guidebook, Yellow cover.

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