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Spring break destination question


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Looks like my spring break plans are crapping out. I'm trying to come up with an alternate plan. I want to get out of the area (portland) and do some easy easy easy climbing with the wife. Think 5.6 and under. I would like to see some place new. I have been to most of the big name areas in the west so J-tree, redrocks, yosemite and the like are low on the list. I was thinking about City of Rocks in Idaho but don't know if it is too early for that area, never been there. Has Arizona been hit by all the crappy wheather down south? I was origionally thinking Death Valley (I know there isn't really any climbing there) but most of the roads where closed due to floods and not expected to open until april. What do you think? Where would you go?

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lover's leap (near lake tahoe) would be great if it were warmer this time of year!

December–March: Due to the bleak climbing conditions, nobody visits Lover’s Leap in the winter. Snow covers the base and summits of most cliffs, temperatures are often freezing and the rock is wet. During cold years ice forms on the right side of the East Wall making for the rare California multi-pitch ice climb.

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Arizona has been hit by the weather. All this past week all the silly tourists from Seattle have been complaining about it being just like home, and why did they come to the desert if it's not hot and sunny. Well, I'm from Seattle, and I've been here a year, and I say three weeks of Seattle weather is just fine. The good news is, it's gone now. There is some decent climbing up near Flagstaff in a place called Jack's Canyon, and the Grand Canyon is only a skip and a jump away. Sure it ain't 5.6, but it's gorgeous. Plus you can always motor over to J-tree if you get bored of Arizona.



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(1) Red Rocks (just look at one of the guidebooks - it's heaven for long, easy to moderate routes)

(2) Cochise Stronghold, AZ. Granite Domes. Routes from 1 to 6 or 7 pitches long. Seek the Bob Kerry guidebook to Backcountry Climbing in Southern AZ.

(3) Moab would be at top of my list but think you'd be hard pressed to find stuff under 5.8 there.

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