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Mousetrap is see-thru 1st pitch, otherwise OK except for big missing chunk higher


Medusa wild looking almost overhanging at cave


The sheet was tragically too short


Secret Wells Peak ice was NOT THERE madgo_ron.gifmadgo_ron.gif


also various other cool looking things on the #3


Whatever this is, looked kool thumbs_up.gif


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Did U climb Mousetrap today? cool.gif

Epic trying to get up Wells Peak. Broken chain, frozen skins, &c NO ICE. Then another epic trying to get at the upper pitch of The Sheet: vertical cedar grovelling. then it was 3:45 cantfocus.gif Good times wazzup.gif


Secret wells peak wall last year:


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Lillooet and Lytton have always had a bit of friendly rivalry, esp. in all things weather. Lytton boasts to be the Canadian Hotspot but Lillooet has always claimed to be hotter and drier (incidentially neither is the Hotspot for Canada, the highest temp. recorded was in Yellowgrass, Saskatchewan in 1937 (45C)). However, they could never back it up as Lillooet didn't have a weather station.


July 16th/17th 1941 both lytton and lillooet tied the all time hottest ever temp for BC at 44.4


yellowgrass stays as the hottest ever in Canada


Lillooet data



Lytton Data


both dont come near Death valley at 56.7 c July 10 1913 or Libya at 58 c sept 22 1922


So the game continues who is the hottest..I dont think it will be decided this weekend..however the last time we had a strong ridge like this spences Bridge went 9 consecutive days at 38 c or higher..


see you at the beach this weekend bigdrink.gif

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