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Raveltik Demon ice axe


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They are very similar to the Quarks, and are just as good in my opinion. The advantage is the price, you can get them for much less than Quarks. They are made in Czechoslovakia, and have held up well for me so far. I've used the "Super Cup" version of them for the last 2 years. That model has the forefinger and pinky rests. Leashes are only decent though. The Quark, Easy G, and Rage leashes are signifcantly better in my opinion.


Here is a photo of the Demon Super Cup.



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Hmmm, let's say I go climbing at way honed area with my new Raveltek tools and I break a pick. How many stores do you think I will have to go to in order to acquire a spare pick for my off brand tools while on my roadtrip. They are cheaper and they do climb similar to Quarks. I suggest that if you choose to purchase them you stock up on accessories so you have stuff when your local shop decides to drop the line. pitty.gif

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