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Directions to Cabin , SKI-IN', etc....


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I'm starting a new thread for the 2nd Annual Spring Ski In. Please post all spray in original thread.


Heading east from Wa pass, from the turn off to Mazama it is approx 4.5 miles to the gate on the left(north) side. It is just before Rocking Horse Ranch and about 3/4 miles before Weeman bridge where Hwy 20 crosses the Methow river. There is a PVC arch and a metal gate which will be open as soon as the first person arrives.


The driveway winds across a field a short ways and takes a few minor turns in the open trees. All campers take a left at the porta potty, to find the camping area. Be conscious of vehicle parking so there is plenty of room for tents. You can have a fire there as well, but the main party is at the cabin. If it gets crowded, we may have to put cars out in the field at the entrance and walk in. Straight ahead from the porta potty is a pan abode cabin with a large deck. Behind the cabin is a loop trail that will take you to the river after crossing a few overflow streams that will probably be flowing at this time of year.


I have ordered and paid for the porta potty. Please use it for #2 only. Piss in the woods. It would be great if a few of us could bring firewood.

I will bring a chain saw for cutting up dead fall and may recruit people to help get some in the wood shed. I always try to do that for the owners. (I do not own this place, but have permission and so I always try to leave it better than I found it!)


Any questions, put them here. Chime in with something you can contribute. There are a few Weber grills and we'll need briquetts, paper plates, garbage bags, etc.


There is a hand pump well, but the water is kinda rusty. Bring your own drinking water. You can also get it from the river, but it's a little bit of a hike.


I do not have a co-pilot yet, but will be heading over on Friday and leaving Sunday after skiing.


There will be a snowboard burning party at the end!



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Dave pointed out earlier in this thread that we do need some group gear.


Garbage cans

garbage bags






Bring some food to share and some for yourself. I'll try and bring some pancake mix for Sunday breakfast.

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