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Banned Cartoons


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The sky was dark

The moon was high

All alone just she and I.

Her hair was soft

Her eyes were blue

I knew just what she wanted to do.

Her skin so soft

Her legs so fine

I ran my fingers down her spine.

I didn't know how

But I tried my best

I started by placing my hands on her breast.

I remember my fear my fast beating heart

But slowly she spread her legs apart

And when I did it I felt no shame.

All at once the white stuff came

At last it's finished it's all over now

My first time ever at milking a cow.....

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Dear Trask:


I have an odd problem. Lately guys always ask me out online, but they don't really mean it. Each time I fall for it. Recently, one guy asked me if I had a boyfriend and I said yes because I do. Then he replied with "I was just kidding. I'm guessing that happens a lot to you, doesn't it?" It was so mean and sudden, I had no time to think of a good comeback. Then another time this other guy was talking to me about his friend he said "my friend thinks you're hot, but I have no idea why." Again I had to comeback. If you could offer me a few, I would appreciate it. Thanx.




Kitten, perplexed pea-brained puppy:


Good Lord! Why don't modems come with mandatory IQ testing? Really, I should sue modem manufacturers for the damage inflicted on my IQ by having to read idiotic PM's like yours. That being said, let's address your inconsequential 'problem.' Basically, you are overly-sensitive to the vagaries of the libidos and dalliances of others. In words you can understand without tilting your head, squinting at your screen, and mouthing the words: you need to toughen up. Besides, why are you flirting with other guys if you have a boyfriend? What does it matter if no-one applies for a vacancy that doesn't exist? Do you place ads in newspapers selling a car that you don't own, and then complain when no-one replies; or replies, but isn't interested? Child, you are as devoid of logic as a comatose crackhead. Anyway, if the issue is a mild slight to your attractiveness, retort like-for-like with: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder: which is why your parents had their eyelids sewn shut" or "They say beauty is skin deep: I guess you must have really thick skin." Those are rather ladylike. If the issue is guys being assholes, then go for the jugular. A sharp conversation stopper would be: "Anyway, I better let you get back to trying to crack that triple-combination padlock on your mother's panty drawers. By the way, she really doesn't believe you when you tell her you accidentally spilled ice cream on her panties." or "You should put a lump of coal in your bottom drawer; and by the time you found a woman willing to sleep with you, you'll have a diamond for the ring." Aww, climbers in lurve.


I hope this helps,


Trask wave.gif

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My Dearest Trask

Why do you have to be so harsh with such a sweet, cute, and warm kitten? cry.gif Bastard. madgo_ron.gif I let you in my world and this is what I get. the_finger.gif Don't give me anymore of your advice - not sure your attention span can handle it - task overload? boxing_smiley.gif You have given me a lot of bunkum and I am done with your old man sagging ass! hellno3d.gifwazzup.gif

Always yours

Kitten evils3d.gif

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Please trask - you are only angry because I have rejected you so many times. yellaf.gif You have to use your cheap ways to get the cheap women. rolleyes.gif

I enjoy getting laid under the moonlight, in the bushes, and with plenty of candles around. Also in the sunshine, by the water, and where ever it suites my fancy. If this makes me a witch - then at least I could say that "I am getting laid" - unlike your sorry ass. hellno3d.gif You don't have the tan or boat to draw women from there docks. cantfocus.gif

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