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Pit Zips vs Napolean pockets


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It seems many of the manufactures of light weight shells have gone away from pit zips and are claiming the napolean pockets serve dual function; pockets and ventilation. But I'm not convinced this ventilation is better and the cons are you have an open pocket for spindrift to blow in or water to drip in. Also, opening the pocket makes the jacket more suceptable to snagging shit on. Pack straps and gear slings also seem to interfere. Also, if I have a fleece like the NF Denali with pit zips and I layer the shell with Napolean pockets for ventilation, I have a conflict of interest. What's your take? What do you prefer?

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I find if I'm overheating enough to need pitzips, I'm rarely wearing a shell. Before watertight zippers became common I liked the "Corevents"/Napoleon Pockets, because the storm flaps over pitzips reduced effectiveness. Now, with watertight zippers, I like pitzips.

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