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blood type diets

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trustyredalien said:


BUT I think that many of you are like most practitioners of Western medicine in that they debunk alternative ways of thinking in favor of shoving the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry down our systems. Pharmaceutical researchers do their own type of bogus research on the human lab rats in America - that's anyone who's ever walked into a drug store pharmacy - and then shove our own money up our ass with the price of prescription medicine. If Western docs and the public would look more at the root of ailments rather than covering them up with an exponential number of drugs there would be a decrease in the American dependency on prescription meds. Oh but wait, the pharmaceutical and insurance companies might lose some money. Can't let that happen.



First of all insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies are the bitterest of enemies. The goal of drug companies to sell only expensive brand name drugs vs. the goal of insurance companies to give generic or no drugs are completely at odds with one another, and I couldn't care less about either of their motives when I'm taking care of patients. I'd have to say most doctors are not behaving in the way you describe and I suspect I have a better view of the front lines than you. My biggest motive is to be my patient's best advocate Preventing, treating and comforting when past all that and I don't feel alone. I agree that preventative medicine should be all of our first priorities but I often feel paralyzed by the overwhelming enthusiasm people seem to have for an unhealthy lifestyle. I don't think it takes "alternative ways of thinking" to see that being obese, smoking and keeping poor sleep habits for example are going to adversely affect your health. If a naturopath can motivate someone to just live a healthy lifestyle then power to them. But I don't advocate using unproven methods, any of which may turn out to be harmful. Western medicine used to do this all the time until evidense based methods came along and told us we were klling/harming people. The present system which you describe as "bogus research on the human lab rats in America" I would describe as the most essential step in determining the effectiveness and preventing harm from existing or potential treatments. Studies can be gravely biased which is why they are published in peer reviewed journals and why we are taught in medical school to be brutal in our review and interpretation of them. If you think doctors are hard on alternative medicine, you should show up at a journal club. You would be surprised how fast they are to call bullshit on bullshit when they lay eyes on an unethical or biased study. And the reason we do it? It goes back to my primary motive, to be the patient's best advocate.


So here's my bottom line: WE ARE NOT THE ENEMY.

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Over the past 5 years I have gone from weighing 210 to weighing 120 today. I did so by moving more, eating less and being treated for depression. Counsling helps ALOT. Food doesn't make you fat, you make yer self fat. If you have a physical issue, changing your diet can help, prolly will help. But instead of reading a book, try listen to your own body. What makes you feel nurished and healthy. what have you eaten when you experience dificulty. if something makes you feel yucky, don't eat it for a while. IT IS YOUR BODY! it tells you stuff everyday, if you listen. No DR. or natropath, or LMT or any health care professional knows more about or can moniter your body better than you can.

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