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Stuart ice cliff glacier route


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From the basin at 5400', I saw a colossal avalanche sweep down the Ice Cliff Glacier on Saturday at 7:45 PM or so. The avy started above the upper rock band and went on for at least 15 seconds. It filled the cirque below the glacier with debris.


I'm told there was another huge avalanche on that route, on Sunday around 4 PM, but did not see that one because I was hiking out.

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Forgot to add that there was some action on the Sherpa Glacier Couloir as well. Saw one cornice drop off the wall on the climber's left, and sweep down the couloir while we were on route, but we had already passed above the point of impact. Provided some motivation to hurry up and finish climbing.

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micajones said:

What I want is a TR from the bald dude headed up on Sunday @ 4:00 pm-- all alone with two tools and not much else. Here's to ya bigdrink.gif


TR: 3:30am=35deg.=back to sleep=hike back down at 7am

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