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  1. and you had already left when I came back later to return it. Thanks but I'd sure like to get it back to you. PM me with the specifics and I'll figure out a way. Tim
  2. WOW - Excellent Climb, TR, and Photos! The upper ice step looks fantastic. Glad you survived the shooting gallery. Congrats Nastia
  3. Currently planning to drive solo to Bozeman to meet up with east coast friends for a week of ice climbing. Looking for fellow NW climbers heading that way to split travel costs. Planning to leave Portland Friday evening or Sat morning and return the following Sat or Sun.
  4. Really bummed I missed the sweet climbing window we had. Temps are warming but if it's not too late would like to get on some ice this weekend. Strobach, Entiat, Banks Lake? I'm coming from near PDX so carpool from there Fri night or meet up at trailhead. I'm willing to lead WI 4+/5- or follow up to WI6. Tim
  5. Congrats, well done Vern and Craig!!! Way to get out and seize the opportunity. I wanted to get on that route today but couldn't find a partner.
  6. Fantastic! I was traveling in Yunnan Province in Sept and only afterwards learned of this place. Ahhh living with regret...
  7. Wow Tom!!! That is a splendid looking pitch of ice
  8. Enjoyed your write up and photos . Sounds like you had a great experience. Thanks for sharing!!!
  9. Good to hear from you Pat - yeah it's been awhile. Was thinking of you as well during the climb, about when we did the right gully with Pete many years ago. Hope all is well and maybe we can get out climbing together again. Hoodie, Glad you could enjoy them! Thanks for solving the mystery in my mind, as I was wondering where you guys came from and then where you went? I like your idea of coming from T-line with skis. Nice collection of climbs and photos on your site.
  10. Going up: Didn't get a look at Yokum, as it is on the other (W) side of the mountain. There are probably a couple spots (depending on conditions and ability) where one could travese/downclimb from the spur to the base of the route. Spotting them on the way up and then re-locating successfuly on the way down would be key. SS: The entrance I took bypassed the wide-open section of the bergschrund on the left. It would be quite a challenge to take it head-on.
  11. Trip: Mt Hood - North Face Left Gully Date: 12/9/2011 Trip Report: Decided to take the day off on Friday and get up on Hood before the weather window closed. Conditions on the route were superb with firm neve and ice to enjoy all the way. Came down Cooper Spur, which was also in fine shape. Sunrise - going to be a great day!!! Note - several good ice flows forming below the spur Skier on Cooper Spur - party of two heading up the spur with skiis, were the only other people I saw the whole day Massive bergschrund streched across the entrance to both N face gullies. The two step ice flow on the left looked to be the best (most fun) start. First Ice Step Looking down Second step Traversed over to the left gully proper - pulled by St. Helens, Rainier, Adams Found a perfect rock for a resting perch halfway up Near the top of the gully, another ice step awaits... A couple more shots looking down. Futher up, yet another ice step... Self Portrait One last bit of ice to enjoy Happy to finally get to be in the sun on top A final look back, at the end of a great day.
  12. Nice pics Dave. Glad we got a chance to climb together at Beacon again when you were back home.
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