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MT. Hood Conditions update


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N. Face Left Gully: Climbed yesterday.  Currently the best conditions that i have ever seen the N. Face left gully and completely different terrain than my other times climbing it.  Ice almost the entire way up and 6 different steep ice steps, 2 of which you could bypass if you desired.(First 7 pictures)

Reid HW: checked out last weekend.  Knee deep snow slog to the base.  Still just powder on that side of the mtn, not much ice or firm snow yet. (Picture 8-9)

Black Spider: Currently the warm weather has melted most of the snow and the face is looking dry.  A little ice forming on a few of the routes but not close to being ready for the season in my opinion. (Picture 10)  

DKH Var 1: As of last week it is dirty choss ice.  Climbable but more of a rotten ice/dirt climb right now.  (Last Picture)

Hope this info helps anyone who is curious about the different aspects of the mtn.  I will try to actually post about conditions every few weeks if people care to know what is in and what is not.  

IMG_4754.jpeg.86e29f1dd871a460b9b8cbbe9d616d94.jpegIMG_4715.thumb.jpeg.858c42cf02a75ab3c84f772791d8af6e.jpegIMG_4976.thumb.jpeg.f5a08ff33a826c2baca271bdb750b046.jpegIMG_4698.thumb.jpeg.1986f668b387f82368f5fb2913dd2f05.jpegIMG_4967.thumb.jpeg.d2da12bb7103af2a59e01da1ef3717bf.jpegs for anyone who is in IMG_4693.thumb.jpeg.683c06bf555ef4c28ef83630ee1f1f8a.jpegIMG_4712.thumb.jpeg.d31be65f11eb799eaa6eba42e700174a.jpeg



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