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Thule roof rack fittting


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I don't know about Thule, but Yakima has different tower clips for different cars.  I have clips for both my 1991 civic and 2000 CR-V and have moved the rack towers and bars between the two with good result.  But you definitely want it to fit per the manufacturer's specs.  I've seen too many racks on the side of the highway over the years.

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Agree with what Jason is saying, but it also depends on what your are carrying, sometimes even with a rack that is "designed" for a vehicle or a gutter mount.  Lost an aluminum Grumman and another canoe coming back from the Bowron years back...huge bummer. Big crosswinds got us and overwhelmed the gutters, the canoes were basically kites. Luckily the vanagon (with my son and his friend in it) didn't tip over too...was scary to watch that unfold, the vanagon up on two wheels in the wind.  Luckily the gutters did fail and the canoes found the ditch.

Anyway yeah you might be able to make it work, but shit may also end up in the ditch depending on conditions or the load.


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