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Denali - Ski Boot Help


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I plan to climb Denali this June, we are bringing skis to 14camp, still undecided if we'll bring them higer and ski the Orient.

I've been seeing recommendations of buying a full shell size larger in the ski boots to allow for feet to swell at altitude. Would anyone recommend this? Seems like a waste as they won't fit here in Colorado and I will not be able to use them after this trip. Same problem with the overboots.  With a full shell size larger, do people get the Intuition liners a full size larger too? I am normally a size 26 in ski boots.

Any specific recommendations on ski boots? La Sportiva has a sale right now so I'm looking at the Spectre


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I don't know about the Spectre, but the Scarpa Maestrale RS will be my choice and should be plenty warm for up to 14K.  There is also something called a DryGuy BootGlove, which is just an adjustable neoprene cover similar, but not as effective, to an overboot.  I have one, but haven't used it yet, however the reviews are good and it looks like it will help.  I don't think your foot is going to swell that much, if any, on Denali especially only up to 14k.   

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Being strong enough to climb/ski to the summit from 14k and going in June would lead you towards not needing overboots. If the weather is unsettled and especially cold they would be useful. Are you planning on climbing via the orient and skiing? If so i don't think it'd be reckless to not bring them. If things get grim and cold it doesn't take that long to ski back to camp.


Have your feet ever swelled on long days before to the point where you'd want a half size bigger boot? Are your current boots too tight for 10k foot days? How many consecutive jump turns can you do with a ball gag in your mouth? These are the questions to ask yourself.

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I like my feet.  Getting frostbite and losing toes is not a uncommon occurrence and not to be discounted.  If the common wisdom is to use a size larger boot (assuming you can still ski without falling over which may be worse) I would suggest you follow it.  It is common wisdom learned from others pain. 

BTW, I don't ski so my knowledge of what you are doing is Zero.  

But I have been to denali.  We had it nice above 14K.  Many others didn't   It is a crap shoot so stacking the odds in your favor is always a good thing.  There is a good chance of getting the skiing shut down above 14K.  Are you ready to be able to hike the rest of the way in your ski boots?

Very envious of skiers on the way back to the airstrip, though.

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28 minutes ago, genepires said:

Very envious of skiers on the way back to the airstrip, though.

THAT is real pain...

When talking about extended time at sub zero F, we shouldn't even be talking about "tight" boots. It should be "Are those boots even snug."

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