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  1. Looking for partner for Shasta or Hood this weekend

    Most people do Hood unroped so technically doing it solo isn't crazy. I say solo, but there is also going to be a ton of people around you.
  2. Denali 2019

    Hey all, I have taken AMTL 1 through AAI and experienced in glacier travel, crevasse rescue, rock climbing techniques, etc and currently taking ski mountaineering and AAIRE courses. I have also dabbled in trad climbing and ice climbing but not very comfortable, yet. I frequent Vertical World and climb around a 5.11a top rope and 5.10c sport. I've done the Washington state volcanoes and some alpine rock with plans to get into ice climbing this winter. I’m healthy and in very good shape with no struggles on my previous climbs. I’m safe, low maintenance, and always learning. I have all personal gear and a lot of group gear for Denali. I will want to ski up to 14K. I do not want to do the climb guided. Climb dates would ideally be late May/June. I'm in Seattle and ready to meet people that are interested. I probably will not do it with you unless we have climbed something prior. Thanks! David
  3. review 3 season tent for the cascades ?

    Marmot Limelight 2P.. Got mine for $110 at REI garage sale.
  4. These boots are brand new and never used. They are Size 47 EUR, US 13. Single leather Goretex boots with full shank and can be used for technical ice climbing and general mountaineering. These are very warm and comfortable boots. I wear a size 12 in a running shoe and they fit great but I need a warmer boot for Denali. This is a German boot not very popular in the states but well known in the Europe. They are very comparable to the La Sportiva Nepal EVO GTX. See the following links for additional information: https://hanwagboot.com/products/omega-gtxhttps://www.backpacker.com/gear/editors-choice-snow-2014-hanwag-omega-gtx-mountaineering-bootI do not have the box anymore but I do have the additional footbeds that come with the boots. I'm selling for $270. I will NOT ship out of the country. Located in Seattle. I may shipped in the states if I'm very comfortable with your payment method. David
  5. I bought these boots off Ebay and they are slightly too small for my needs. I wear a size 12 in running shoes and these seem to fit to size but I need something slightly bigger to wear thicker socks on Denali. They are size 12 (45.5 EUR). The boots were advertised as new when I purchased them and I have not used them. The right inner boot has a puncture cut that has been sealed with seamseal. There are also a few abrasion marks on the boots (they are black markings that you can see in the picture). Please see the pictures but the boots do look nicer in person. Other than the items noted, these boots are in new shape with perfect soles, no signs of use, and they smell new. These double boots are for extreme cold. You could wear them on Rainier but your feet will be pretty toasty on a summer ascent. They sell for $625 brand new at REI and I'm looking for $280. Here is a link to read more about the boots. https://www.rei.com/product/859910/la-sportiva-baruntse-mountaineering-boots-mens If you are serious about this boot, please message me. They are located in Lower Queen Anne. I do not want to sell out of the country. I could ship but will need to be really comfortable with your payment.David
  6. Climbing partners!

    Thanks, I'll probably wait until next year. I wasn't super motivated to drive 6 hours to get there anyway.
  7. Climbing partners!

    Hey all, Due to life and other things, my normal climbing partners are not always available, and I would like to meet some other like-minded folks to climb with. I live in Seattle and other than a Mon-Fri job, I have no other responsibilities, so climbing takes priority. I have taken AMTL 1 through AAI and experienced in glacier travel, crevasse rescue, rock climbing techniques, etc. I have also dabbled in trad climbing and ice climbing but not very comfortable, yet. I frequent Vertical World and can barely climb a 5.10 but improving quickly. I've done Helens (worm flow), Adams, Baker, Liberty Bell, South Early Winter Spire, Sahale, and recently Rainier. All done on the basic routes and unguided. I hope to do Glacier Peak and Hood this summer but open to others and different routes on previously climbed mountains. I also have aspirations to climb Denali, Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, a winter ascent of Mt Rainier (and other Rainier routes), and possibly something in Bolivia. I’m healthy and in very good shape with no struggles on my previous climbs. I’m safe, not annoying, low maintenance, easy going, and always trying to learn new things. I frequently practice crevasse rescue and other skills and am not just focused on summiting. I have the all the gear for, I believe, almost anything. This includes trad & sport climbing (cams, nuts, & draws), ice climbing (ice tools and screws), alpine touring skis, 4-season tents, several different ropes, stakes/fluke, pulleys, Garmin GPS, etc... and I hope to buy a Garmin Inreach soon. I'm also set up for extreme weather, so my climbing isn't going to stop once summer is over. I have a 4runner with a set of snow tires/chains ready to go. Hit me up if I seem like someone you would like to climb with. I would like to summit Glacier Peak and Hood within the next few weeks but really up for most things even if it’s just practicing ice climbing or crevasse rescue. PM me or email me at dghanaie@yahoo.com Thanks! David
  8. Paradise Parking Lot

    I think it is fine that they are peaking into cars and I don't blame them for questioning you about it. If you don't have anything to hide then no problem with them looking, right? Shootings and other crazy things can happen anywhere and they probably didn't have much to do anyway. I was up there also on Saturday, started late and hit crummy weather the whole time. Interesting place to keep cattle vaccine, I hope one day you don't accidentally mistake it as coffee. .... Just kidding :-)
  9. Looking for a Mentor

    You may not have the money for the courses but you obviously have the internet and likely enough to buy some books. Start with buying Freedom of Hills and study it/practice what is taught. Also, Youtube can be very helpful but with anything be cautious of incorrect information. Learn the applicable knots, join a climbing gym, etc... Get a job to support yourself whike you learn so you can afford the gear. There is a lot you can do before shelling out big bucks for courses.