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Solo Snow Climbs


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Hi All,

I’ve been reading threads and trip reports here for a while, but first time posting. I’m hoping to grab some recommendations on good 1-1.5 day solo snow climbs in the PNW. Good ski lines are a bonus, not concerned by longer approaches. Big vertical gain is desirable!

Looking forward to hearing some ideas!



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skiable + big vert + not melted out in summer + no ice/snice is going to land you on glaciated terrain. if you feel inclined to travel on glaciers alone, you could climb Emmons/Winthrop on Tahoma (you'll need a special permit for solo climbing, I think), DC, various glaciers on Kulshan (Coleman-Deming being the gentlest), the Sulphide Glacier on Shuksan, or the Blue Glacier on Mount Olympus.

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cooper spur on n side of mt hood is quite lovely, especially if you choose to bivy near tie in rock for the high alpine experience - can certainly be done easily in a day though, especially if cloud cap road is opened by then

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take a helmet fo shiz - the cooper spur can shit all kinds of what-have-you down it - i enjoy it far more to have both an axe and 2nd tool as well - the funniest part is starting the descent from the summit as it feels rather zany at first :)

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