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Gorge Ice is in!


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Ainsworth looks awesome, Cape Horn has some flow but looks in on several lines, Mist is misty, Crown Jewel is not in too much flow, and even falls to the right of Multnomah is in. 84 is clear to Ainsworth until Friday afternoon. This weekend will be bad on 84, especially Sunday. Be safe, assess each climb before jumping on and have fun!

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Headed to Mist falls this morning but there were 6 cars at the pullout. Skipped that spot. Sheperds Dell was pretty thin. Decided to head farther east to Starvation Creek. Falls were in. Ice was a mix of slightly wet and some was brittle. Still fantastic climbing!


Drove around to Cape Horn. Spoke to a gent who came down from the two flows above the grate. Both were in.


Get out there while you can!

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Couple of more days left! Was 22 when going through this morning at Ainsworth. AInsworth area best I have ever seen since I moved here in 1999. Ainsworth Left and Right are incredible with a few more days of below freezing temps and new flow that I have not had a chance to explore a few drainages west is in as well. Also a large flow further east of Ainsworth is in from what I can see behind truck stop but not sure if there is private property to cross to access. Not sure what this one is called or if it has ben climbed.


Was 25 degrees coming back from Crown Point and everything is in. Crown still has higher flow than usual, but could be climbed on the left side. The gorge (84/14) road conditions are amazing compared to roads in Portland.

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Wow, I had to go up the left finish when I fa'd that one in about the same shape, BUT that direct pillar on the right finish has not been in like that before that I have seen!!!


Brave New World in the New World Amphitheater was very in shape. Too bad we weren't that brave...




Lots of stuff was in. Too bad its all about to come down.

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