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  1. 2016/17 Ice Conditions

    Any updates on Frenchman Coulee ice? I'm heading to Yakima this coming weekend and have never been out there ice climbing.
  2. Gorge Ice is in!

    Headed to Mist falls this morning but there were 6 cars at the pullout. Skipped that spot. Sheperds Dell was pretty thin. Decided to head farther east to Starvation Creek. Falls were in. Ice was a mix of slightly wet and some was brittle. Still fantastic climbing! Drove around to Cape Horn. Spoke to a gent who came down from the two flows above the grate. Both were in. Get out there while you can!
  3. Washington Ice Conditions

    Anyone been out to chinook pass lately?
  4. Washington Ice Conditions

    Anyone been out to Banks?
  5. Washington Ice Conditions

    Climbed on Chinook pass yesterday and today at Practice Wall then Horse Tail Falls. Conditions were good but it started to rain at noon today. Unless it gets pretty cold tonight I bet Horse Tail will be out. Practice Wall and two climbs on the Great Wall look really good.
  6. [TR] columbia river gorge - any 12/14/2008

    I spoke with a climber in Yakima last Thursday who said none of that stuff was in. Cold enough but not enough H2O.
  7. [TR] columbia river gorge - any 12/14/2008

    If I had a snowmobile I think I would be trying to get back into Strobach Mtn. If its in.
  8. [TR] columbia river gorge - any 12/14/2008

    Where are you going? I-84 closed and Highway 14 closed. I'm about ready to run the hose off the side of the house.
  9. [TR] columbia river gorge - any 12/14/2008

    Want to say hey to all the fellow ice climbers I saw today at Cape Horn. Nice to meet you all.
  10. [TR] columbia river gorge - any 12/14/2008

    Anyone been at Cape Horn in the last couple of days? Above the highway?
  11. Washington Ice Conditions

    I am going to be in the area and though my girlfriend and I would stop at umptanum and run some laps on the drip accross from the main flow. Two years ago that was pretty fat with some mixed on the right side that was fun. Looks like temps will be cold for the next couple of days. Wondering if anyone knows if this is growing or not?
  12. Bivi Sack recommendations

    Check out the northface soloist. I really like this sac because of the two pole design which keeps the bag off my face. It also has a pocket near your head to org any items you need quick access to. I have almost completely stopped using my tent since I purchased this. Good Luck
  13. Cobra Ice Tools For Sale

    Cobra Ice Tools for sale. Tools in excellent shape. Cobra Picks and Android leashes. One Hammer and one Adze. $450 or best offer. Please PM me if you are interested or have any questions.
  14. Centeral Washington Ice

    Went to Umptanum Falls on Christmas Eve. Although the main falls were out there was a line opposite the main falls that was in. I would say the left side was a WI3 and the right was a WI4/m4 mixed line. The line was only 30 ft or so but very fun. Well worth the hike. Pic's to follow.