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  1. Ski mountaineering/touring partners on Mondays

    I just saw your message now. Is it too late in the season or are you still doing some ski climbs? I have a flexible schedule and for the most part have put my skis away for the season and am looking forward to climbing starting in a couple weeks.
  2. I'm looking for a couple more partners for pretty much weekly single days out climbing, mostly in Washington Pass. I plan to climb almost every Friday, and will generally drive up Thursday evenings and camp. (I can do other days too.) Over the last couple summers I've climbed Beckey Route, SW Rib of SEWS, North Face of Burgundy, Prime Rib of Goat and Petit Cheval and want to do a handful more such days this coming summer. I prefer routes out in the mountains where you feel a bit removed and am not so interested in crag areas. It's just work and family that make it tricky to find time for longer trips. When I started climbing I took the very thorough Southern California Mountaineering Association's safety course and safety has always been very important to me. I'd really like to find another two or three climbers who can also regularly get out for a full day midweek. I'd propose that we meet for lunch and sort out some plans and then start on something familiar and then go from there. We can also meet at Vertical World. I'm 41 and live in Seattle. I started climbing about six years ago, but because of work and little kids have had a hard time getting out more than five days a year or so. This year I'll finally be able to get out a lot more. I hope to get started in April and then go weekly starting in May. Brendan