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  1. Moving the old to pay for the new... 1. Rossi Axiom 183 Damn good shape, alot of edge left, Offset mount with Marker M51 Demos. 150 2. K2 Big Kahuna, 180 black and purple 11.5, with M51's mounted for approx 290mm boots. made by Volkl (german writing on sidwall) Just barely clamps down to my 277's Make and Offer 3. Rossi Scratch BC 188, 04/05, very good condition, Rossi Scratch 140's mounted 295ish. 400 4. Head M103 183, with Tyrolia ff17, mounted at 277, some top sheet chips and minor base scratchs. 350 5. Rossi Axial 140, black and gold brand new, standard brake 175 6. Cloudveil Koven pant, gray, small, brand new with tags still on. 150 I hope to have pics of everything soon. PM me if interested, I used to live in seattle but am now in Tahoe, shipping is not included, sorry.
  2. Got a new pair on warrenty but already have new pants. Details Cloudveil Koven Size Small, Gravel Color, Brand New. Check em out here Retail is 275, Selling em for 180.
  3. Does anyone know enough about the winter conditions to tell me if the majority of the route could be ski mountainered? How steep does the ridge get? What about skiing (traversing the ridge) back down? I understand your not really on a ridge but more on the sides of one and exposed to avy prone gullies and what not, but I'm thinking that traveling on the windward side might not be to bad. If the ridgeing off the coast continues I am thinking about giving it a go next week.
  4. Joined the subaru club and they dont fit it. 4 Yokohama Guardex snow tires, basically full tread depth. They are mounted on 15" superior wheels and they Bolt pattern is 4X100 Fits most Civics, Integras, Jettas, golfs and preludes as well as a bunch of other cars. Check Tire rack.com to see if they fit your car. Gotta clear room in storage so I'm trying to move them quick before I have to go back to work. 200 takes them mounted/balanced and ready to go. PM me if your interested. Nick
  5. The palmer snowfield is the top lift with only "black" terrain leading down from it. I would say that this time of year it is NOT a good place for beginner skiers at all, the weather can be awful up there (whtie outs, fog and wind)and while its not all that steep it's a very long continuous 22 or so degree angle affording little rest/stopping oppourtunity for those still learning to ski. However if they are running pucci (lift G) then your good to go.
  6. You were starting to worry me there TLG... Atomics what? Can't go wrong with a Volkl.
  7. I have the most recent ones with the longer pins. And have actually moved the heals even further forward than Dynafit recommends. But you can only go so far and still be able to use them in tour mode on the lowest riser setting. I think some of the increase in trouble is the extra torque created by having Twin Tips (BD Havoc's). You can also retrofit any of the Dynafit bindings with the longer pins, just order them from Life-Link. It does affect your release settings though so if your a stickler for accurate dins you'll need to have them bench tested to set the release values on both axis.
  8. Was he in ski or skin mode? Above comments are spot on for tour mode. However if he was in ski mode, you cant kick in your tails to kick turn because over cambering the ski causes the pins to release in the back sending you onto your face. I know most people dont kick in there tails, but there are times when safty and security demands it. This is by far my biggest complaint about them.
  9. Sierra trading post has size 5 and 5.5UK (US 6 and 6.5) Denalis and lasers, for 120 and 80. Not thermoflex though. Also not womens specific but a usual womens size.
  10. Personal choice for sure, if you dont where one for comfort(heat), weight, uber climber that never falls, or your simply just arrogant and believe "it will never happen to me" whatever. But if you choose not to wear one simply because you think it makes you look like a dork... Get over it, you look like one anyway and yer pretty stupid to boot. Not directed at any one specific, just saying.
  11. Getting them is easy, I should have said getting AT&T to activate a new line of service with one is difficult. ANY cellphone within usable range of a compatible cell tower can call 911, regardless of activation or even if the phone is locked, FCC mandate. A Tri-Band Phone will operate on multiple Frequencies (MHZ). A Tri-Mode Phone will operate on multiple network types (Analog, Digital, GSM...)
  12. With the exception of finding a TDMA(tdma digital and analog) or GAIT (GSM 800mhz 1900mhz,TDMA and analog)phone from AT&T, which is becoming increasingly difficult. Your only true option for a phone the roams from digital to analog networks is unfortunantly Verizon wireless. As for the AT&T options the TDMA spectrum is being moved over to GSM as user migration from one to the other occurs and service is suffering in Metro areas (possibly on purpose). The GAIT phones are not user friendly and have a few flaws, but one could get a GAIT phone and only use it when going to urban areas and switch the SIM card in the phone to a more practicle GSM phone in the city. The Verizon option allows you any phone verizon currently sells and you can travel on any analog network and compatable CDMA networks as well. This would give you the most access for least hassle (expect for dealing with verizon customer service but they all need help there...) Keep in mind there are going to be places where one works and another doesnt, and it could be the one with the least total coverage that works there. And before you ask, yes, I did at one point work in the wireless industry.
  13. That's ski season, why would you want to go climbing then?
  14. Actually there are 30-40 vollies every sat-sun...
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