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  1. Another Troll for Fairweather and Co.

    It's a volunteer system so don't try to win any points with me. I enjoyed being a stormtrooper for the government. I would do it again. We had a prayer at night we used to say collectively as a unit. "Dear God please have war, AMEN"
  2. Another Troll for Fairweather and Co.

    Perhaps some of you would rather see the Muslim/3rd world hordes descend on your hometown? Some of you people make me wonder why the hell I ever served to protect your overly liberalized civil liberties. If I serve again it's going to be in the Reagan Youth Gestapo, and I will be knocking down your front door. Pick a side asswipes...or move away PLEASE!
  3. Who climbed what?

    Chuck you need to quiet down...you KNOW what I mean...
  4. Tele or Randonee???

    Most people adapt to the alpine turn quicker than the tele turn. Randonee gear is universally accepted as more efficient in the alpine environment, but ultimately it boils down to the individuals preferences and skill. I advocate neither and say only to personally try both first.
  5. TR, Sulphide Glacier Ski

    I have now replaced all my sponsorship logos with duct tape and black permanent marker reading "West Pole Brand". My new and favorite sponsor is the "Shaq Pack..." and "West Pole Brand"
  6. Online (The Climb) Question

    Bummer.... Anyway, I would like to point out that sometimes a really cool way to approach climbing is just to figure out something you want to do, look at a map, and then just go there. Figure it out yourself. Makes for a really cool adventure which is not directly related to route ticking, but proceeds the pitfalls of relying on erroneous beta, misinformed beta, the impassable bergshrund, etc...I've often thrutched through dense forests while REI crowds swarmed by on trails not more than a quarter mile away. There is something to say for taking the road less travelled away from the signposts of progress. In the end you can say you did it all on your own and the real bonus is that you get to jungle death march, wade hostile streams, slip and slide on logs, battle bugs, pull on loose unclean rock...the adventure starts in your own mind instead of in a book through the eyes of someone else. There are other places outside of the boundaries of crowded classics and guide book hype. Sure, you'll flail alot, but it will make you stronger...like the old guys back in the day. The true hardmen...content with simply being out there...
  7. 86ed

    For what it's worth...out of all the people I have ever met or climbed with M.M.(retro) is the guy I think I would be least likely to start static with... [ 07-05-2002, 12:25 PM: Message edited by: mikeadam ]
  8. Hot Over Rocks

    quote: Originally posted by MountainBetty: "I hoped it might mention the work done by so many. Leland Windham for his wonderful and worthy routes. Lucky, from the westside for his beta sheets and area maintenance." You mean Camazonia and Smoky McPot.
  9. 86ed

    I am a member of the post Vietnam...pre Gen X generation...I embrace both. I like the Doors...I like Blink 182. I prefer to think of us as the "Reagan Youth" or "Rambo" generation. Post fall of Saigon, we were infused with a great sense of needing to travel to foreign countries, meet exotic and interesting people, and kill them. It was our honor to avenge our Vietnam era brothers frustrated angst and denounce Vietnam infused Hippy bullshit.
  10. Found! Scot'teryx' Montana Cousin!

    quote: Originally posted by robertm: Adamson, this guy should get this months chestbeater award. http://www.alpinelite.com/chest_Beater_of_the_month.htm
  11. Bolt Clipping

    The cube is pretty hardcore Caveman...Did you send that? On Toprope?
  12. Bolt Clipping

    I drilled a bolt hole once using a hand drill and a piton hammer (Cause I'm hardcore). It was a good workout (sort of like ditch digging). I drilled it all sideways and found out I totally screwed it up (Cause I am so suck). I decided to never drill bolts ever again after that...
  13. car to car record

    The TooF is a fine alpine climb requiring little more than a desire for the budding alpinist to get up off the couch and go pull on the holds. I admired it's graceful ectomporphic form from a distance this weekend. It was a topic of conversation for about 1 nanosecond... For recent speed records I would make inquiries to Dan Smith (posts here) and or Jens Klubberud (posts here) for quick times in both winter and summer. Probably some guy climbed it in 1932 in 12 minutes in tricouni nails or something and then walked back to Seattle afterwards in time for dinner!
  14. 86ed

    You are absolutely right! Kicking steps in dUrt is much more entertaining than kicking steps in snow. Although steep exposed heather...BAD!
  15. 86ed

    Tarzan bushwacking is pretty sweet too. I love trees and jungle missions...buildering is good urban assault training.
  16. 86ed

    Climb DUrt. it's way more interesting....and zero ethics hassles!
  17. Tom's web site...

    I think it would be cool if you could link to the text from the image page. That looks like a fun dirt scramble.....MMMMM Durt!
  18. 86ed

    Devils Club tastes like chicken!
  19. A New cc.com mini-series: BEHIND THE SPRAY

    A true testimonial... Well where should I begin...I met Captain Caveman in December of 94 when he came to my ALREADY ate the f*(k up infantry unit at Ft Lewis. I had already gone through 2 climbing partners, one being afraid of heights, and the other being afraid of everything involved with mountains. That's another story though...anyway.... So I'm not sure how we got to talking, but I mentioned climbing, and this dude (Caveman) starts going off about some chosspile in the alps called Der Weinersnitzel or some shit and about ice climbers-blah blah blah. So I says...well let's go tough guy...and he says...whatta I need?...I said...shoes, harness, chalkbag. First stop backslackers supply (Yo Jim Y-Waddup) and VOILA' he's in. Off to Spire Rock we go. First route, left of tunnel to the ledge...which he seal flops like a true pro...f8c(ing A!. Training complete. Next stop Vantage! So we hook up with Yoder and off we go. We thought Yoder was gonna hook us up but no dice...he pointed over yonder and said "Have at it boyz!" GULP... So we wander off and there were two drunk stoned characters yacking it up on some route and giving us beta...they said climb that...So Caveman looks at my alpiney looking harness and suggests he leads since I don't have any gear loops. I'm like...OK dude...have fun...I'll hold this rope...Caveman leads out...WAM WHIPPER! Woa! That was pretty intense I'm thinking...but funny as hell...keep going dude...you're doing good (USE SSG GADDY's VOICE HERE)...WAM! WIPPER 2...Uh...try holding those other holds over there...sketch fest to the top...but cool... Then Mikeadam leads route and groundfalls, but we're laughing our asses off so no harm no foul... Years later Cavey is wasted guy at Vantage giving spurious beta and watching gapers...so the worm turns for you man...hang on enjoy the ride...while it lasts... [ 06-28-2002, 01:10 PM: Message edited by: mikeadam ]
  20. Ingraham Direct still in?

    Dude you're so hard core. How about a trip report for R&D route? I've had trouble falling asleep lately.
  21. Censorship?

    Welcome to the club. Richard Butler is crashing on my couch since he's out of a place to stay for awhile.
  22. Climbers vandalize Video Bluff!

    You tell em Don! Crack some skulls bro!
  23. not really the season but...

    I toured all year on XXX's. XX's are for lift served pussies.
  24. not really the season but...

    Nate Ruch used them. They're good.
  25. mt buckner

    Looks like there was some positive stuff spread around too. Don't focus on the negative man. Good job and you should claim your first descent if you went midwinter or before the recent descent that just took place. nice job and post a pic!