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  1. Rainier Partner

    I'm pretty sure we could slog that (Lib Ridge) Colorado guy...we'll bring Ranger Halling...no worries...
  2. Drove this out to about the Goldmeyer Hotsprings (mile 21) where I found deadfall blocking further access. Bring a mountain bike for the last part of the road or wait for the FS to clear access. Mt. Garfield is not in good condition.
  3. Larry the Tool Sucks

    That's the funniest shit I have ever read here. Thanks Larry the Tool for making my day!
  4. Rainier Partner

    Check the board on your own site.
  5. Rainier Partner

    We'll be armed...no worries...
  6. Pearly Gapes

  7. Rainier Partner

    I gravity inhale...anyway...Colorado guy (Dan M.) I'll slog with you...Colorado guys should slog together. I'll invite Dan Larson! mike mikeadamson@alpinelite.com
  8. Pearly Gates

    Uh so anyway...the Pearly Gates are a really nice place to climb. Have FUN! Cracks...cracks...cracks..slabs...
  9. Wanted: Alpine Touring Gear

    Medium Fritschi II's and or Freerides...wide ski crampons....wide ski brakes....good tough graphite poles...mid size Volkl's or wide skis such as K2 AK launchers/Work Stinx/Kahunas or MOD Axis in 170-180's range... Will pay fair price and cash. Mike mikeadamson@alpinelite.com
  10. Wanted: Alpine Touring Gear

    The bindings are fiddly...it's a personal thing. Fritschi's make me feel like a man . So do you have any gear to sell or swap or what?
  11. Wanted: Alpine Touring Gear

    Tour Tech is good, but I am a pretty agressive skiier. I've skied that rig before and it just doesn't suit me well. If I were going to do the Haute route I doubt I would even suit up with that schwag.
  12. Middle Fork road out to Hardscrabble creek

    I've talked with FS folks about this and so far the area seems safe for a bit longer. There will be some keys available for certain climbing organizations and guided parties so maybe you can get on an access list? I'll ask the next time I stop by in North Bend and let you know what the status is.
  13. Pearly Gates

    Yep, I caught attitude from that Allison girl too the first time I met her. I've never had any contact on the web or otherwise with that person before, so I was a little perplexed. The way I call it is...an inferiority complex cloaked in disdain for the person(s) she actually secretly admires...sad...I don't think you should actually judge persons on a chat board by their chatroom demeanor. Get to know them in person. Keep the chatroom in the chatroom and the real world real. I just assumne that everyone that posts on this board is just tired of sitting in front of the computer and wants to vent...cool! Keep it rolling... FLAME ON-I'M GONE!
  14. TR: A bold day at Spire Rock

    We used to watch Yoder send Crisco slab in his Tevas (and not even 5.10 resoled Tevas!). He said it was like 5.7...he lied....
  15. Stuart range?

    You mean like...no trail/steps to follow?
  16. Stuart range?

    That traverse...is that the one where you kind of casually stroll over from Si to Teneriffe?
  17. real bouldering guide

    Charlie, http://climbingwashington.com Good site! Mike
  18. Pub Club 4/23

    I try to stay out of these silly arguments more and more, but sometimes... I think you coined the term Kaskade Trad Klan initially which we adopted as a joke, but to say you created it/us...well that's just plain arrogant. I don't even know you, never climbed with you, never even seen you. If you wanna hang out and be cool then do it. Afterwards we'll elevate you to the post of Grand Trad Wizard and then we'll go to exit 32 and stand on some bolts or pull on some slings. Give Ceaser what is Ceasers...
  19. Pub Club 4/23

    I'm not old school, elitist, pro bolt, pro trad, pro guiding, pro mountain sports, prohibition, prophylactic, pro Dwayner, pro Lamebone... The KTK is about friends, climbing, mountains, & good times...leave us oughtta your angst.
  20. Broken gear...BD

    Thanks for the advice. Hopefully I'll be back up and running in time for the opening of the North Cascades Highway...
  21. New Hair Color for Our Heart throb.

    but can she posthole?
  22. Semi epic on Leuthold

    Don't feel bad dude. Ray Borbon and I once walked right past the Tooth thinking it would be obvious and ended up on Chair before we figured out our error...it was fun anyway...met Mark Fielding....
  23. Wrong!

    Jack, I climbed Monitor Ridge in a day and R&D route in like 4 hours car to car. Don't hate me cause I rule.
  24. Broken gear...BD

    savaiusini, I had the Titanal II's. They lasted from late November till Saturday with roughly 80 total ski days and about 30+ days touring. The toe piece sheared both on the mounting plate and the vertical alloy "thingies" on the sides. I weigh about 215 dry without gear. The metal and the plastic on both sides blew out. All I can say is that I am glad this happened when I was touring rather than descending. The skins were the clipfix ones for a wide ski (90cm waist). The glue defect is supposedly a known issue. The other problem with the same skin (it was only one of the set that is defective) is that it was so short that I only had about 1.5 inches of extra length. So the skin was bad on two accounts. Should never have left the factory in my mind. So far all I can say about BD's efforts to improve the skin design is that they tried to fix something that IMHO wasn't broken. besides the exhorbiant price of the tip stretchers I thought the old design was just fine. you hearing me here Black Diamond?