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  1. Booty discussion

    By the time I was at the top of the chute, they were well on their way towards Point Success - no way I was going to a couple hours to follow them up to return dropped gear that could've split open someone's skull on the way down. Never saw them on the summit or descent either - but no reports of rescues that week, so they managed I guess!
  2. I'll be taking a couple weeks vacation in late June next year to get some climbing in on the big boys. I'm tentatively thinking about flying into Portland, doing Hood via Hogsback, then drive up to Adams and do Mazama, then maybe cap it off with Rainier doing DC (maybe Emmons, though that may be tough to budget in time-wise). Looking for partners who'd be interested in one or all of those (Hood and Adams are the priority, as I've not been on those). I'm 32 and in good shape, I've got ~10-12yrs of rock climbing experience, and have been on Rainier 3 times (2 successful) - any partners should be equally (or more) experienced with glacier travel. I'm a laid-back person who's more interested in having a good time with people than peak-bagging - if you're interested hit me up!
  3. Booty discussion

    About 2 yrs ago I was doing Kautz - get to the chute and see these two guys starting up it and were just RAINING small-to-largish chunks of ice on everyone below. Took a golfball-sized bit of ice to the helmet even. Anyway, we go up after them (or at least when the hailstorm finally ended) and I start finding loads of stuff they'd dropped - an ice screw with draw attached, a locking biner with an atc, and another quickdraw. By the time we're at the top of the chute, we notice they've (I assume) taken the wrong way up to Point Success instead of Wapowety, and while we're heading to the cleaver you could see them evidently realize they'd gone the wrong way and decide to traverse back toward the true summit through a mess of seracs and whatnot. As far as I know they summited and got back down...? A stupefying experience, but hey - booty is booty.
  4. Alpine and cragging spring/summer

    Hey Zizzou, pretty far from obscure but the SO and I will be doing the DC on Rainier weekend of 6/14. If you're interested we can discuss bona fides/logistics in more depth