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  1. N Face Buckner?

    From Sunday, 7/28
  2. Can you provide any more details on the rescue Jason? On Sunday morning I saw a sign at the Boston Basin trailhead about a missing father/son duo and while on the East Ridge of Forbidden I saw helicopters throughout the day (I think two different ones?). I snapped a few pictures of them and assumed they must be searching for the father and son. They seemed to not have a great idea on their whereabouts as they searched everywhere - all across Boston Basin, the Boston Glacier, all the routes on Forbidden and over by Torment. They seemed to focus mostly around Sahale and Boston though. I kept my eyes out for them throughout the day and when we hike out that afternoon the sign from the trailhead was gone. I was hoping it was a rescue and not a recovery.
  3. NWAC weather graph

    You can customize the graphs right on the NWAC site: https://www.nwac.us/data-portal/graph/18/