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  1. Pan dome is mostly in. Good ice for about 30ft at the bottom. Theres a thin hollow flake guarding the steep upper wall that we were not feeling bold enough to climb. If you can get past that, the top section looks solid as well.
  2. Hell yeah Joe! Thats an epic adventure, glad to see you got a successful pickets trip and an FA at that. Congrats.
  3. Howdy folks, Just moved up to Bellingham and am looking for partners for fast and light alpine climbs in the north cascades and surrounding areas. I prefer big single push efforts and am comfortable leading up to low 10s and easy ice. Im pretty flexible on objectives and really just want to spend as much time in the mountains as possible. Ideal partner will be focused more on efficiency and safety than crushing the most epic line. Have gear, experience and all that jazz. Also able to ski approach/descents. I will be working a normal mon-fri schedule.
  4. Theres a couple routes in the Beckey bible (green). I climbed the sw dihedreal last fall. It was pretty enjoyable, but much like kroc said be prepared for large swaths of unprotected 5.easy climbing. The rock was kinda slippery greenshist with really big holds. I found mostly solid rock with maybe 2 pitches of less than solid rock near the top. Wear a helmet and be safe, its an alpine climb. Make sure to have the decent beta down. Once you get to the summit, you need to hike north to the notch then climb up a 3rd class step. Neither my partner nor myself had been on the summit before and the climb back up to the false summit eluded us for some time.
  5. Jsong I might be able to do forbidden on the 4th. Ill shoot you a PM
  6. Went out and did Iron to Bean on Saturday. Super fun scrambling and a nice adventure day, I would highly recommend. One point of warning though, if you follow the fall line descending east off of Bills main summit your will get funneled into a super dangerous gully. I sent a microwave sized block tumbling by looking at it too hard which caused a bit of a rockslide down the gully. If you find yourself here, trend skiers left to safer terrain. The rest of the route was surprisingly bomber rock.
  7. Hey Im also looking for partners in the Seattle area for alpine climbing among other things. Ive got about 7ish years of rock climbing experience and have recently started getting into snow and ice. Im pretty well versed in the finer arts of trad climbing (multipitch, simul-climbing, aid, rope soloing, ext) Currently, Im not really looking to climb hard and am more interested in climbing long, scenic routes in awesome places. I would share a ticklist but as a recently PNW transplant there is way too much good rock to even try to collect it all, but I would really like to start ticking off some of the Beckey classics. Im also a fan of trial running, mountain slogging, skiing and scrambling. Im pretty much just weekends for now, maybe meeting up during the week at a gym.
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