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  1. Thanks. That is the one I'm describing. When I visited 2 years ago, I walked about a mile along a ridge from the parking lot and came to a giant rock tower. I then passed around it to the boulder field to the NE scramble route leading to the false summit.
  2. Having down the scramble up White Chuck mountain to the "false summit", I noticed that before you reach the scree and climb over the rock pile, there is a great big rock wall that leads to the true summit/highest point. So my question is: Has anyone here ever done technical climbing on this mountain in the summer time? If so, did you reach the true summit?
  3. Do you have any links/maps of the other routes? I'm eager to see em. And yeah, some of the rocks were dripping with moisture. Slippery rocks in dense fog could lead to a fatal plunge there with those cliffs!
  4. Trip: [TR]Mount Pugh - Standard scramble route Trip Date: 09/19/2018 Trip Report: I went up Mt Pugh for the first time on Wednesday the 19th. Heavy fog and mist....I ended up not going all the way to the summit and turned back at the Stujack pass sign due to the fact that there was no visibility beyond, say, 25 feet and I was a bit light headed(possible due to high altitude). I've been trying to find a topographic map of the mountain that shows the summit region in detail. How many other routes are there to the top besides the Stujack pass ridge? How would I get to them? Particularly if I go up the trail to the rock garden where the alpine meadow begins(assuming the fog isn't too dense!)? Gear Notes: Hiking pole. Approach Notes: Dense fog enshrouding the summit.