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  1. chucK has passed away

    Man, pretty surreal. I didn't actually know Chuck through climbing (I'm new to the area), but was part of a weekly get-together with him to play boardgames. We'd chat climbing on occasion, but I had no idea he was such a fixture in the community. Brilliant dude who always seemed to just edge us out (seriously, he won constantly and it was frustrating). He'll certainly be missed and I'm bummed I didn't get a chance to climb with him.
  2. Slesse Crossover Descent Landslide

    Anyone know what kind of clearance you need to get down Sleese Creek Rd? Is it in as rough shape as the Nesakwatch Rd or can a normal clearance sedan handle it with a bit of care for the purpose of shuttling?
  3. Looking for Partners

    Hey all, looking for some regular climbing partners around the Seattle Area. Been climbing for ~5 years now and comfortably climb 10- for both trad and sport, but definitely looking to push that. I'm pretty stoked on any climbing (including some bouldering), but moved to the area to for all of the Alpine Rock - so that would be ideal. I've got all my own gear (almost double rack, draws, double ropes, camping gear, etc), have taken a WFA (now expired) and self-rescue course and have been told I'm a pretty great belayer. Coming off of a finger injury which can limit the volume of hard climbing I can do (and is why I'm sitting at 10- currently), but I'm more than happy to belay you on whatever - I just like being out. Also stoked on backpacking, trail running (although my endurance is currently in the gutter). Feel free to shoot me a message or meet up. I'm at VW:Seattle 3 days a week. Mid-30s dude, for what it's worth.