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  1. Climbing Partner for May 2019

    I'll be in the Cascades from June 9 - July 6. Don't have skis. Looking for partners in later June. My phone is 305-608-4006. Shoot me a message and let's connect!
  2. Kautz Route up Rainier

    Shoot me a message. I'm interested.
  3. Climbing Partner for May 2019

    Looking to come out to PNW and climb full-time in May and June of 2019. Looking for partner. Peaks to climb: - Rainier (Emmons or DisClev) - Hood - Adams - Mt. Olympus - Ptarmigan Traverse - Baker - Glacier Peak - Shuksan Shoot me a message at (305)-608-4006 if interested. Have previous climbing experience on Baker, Cotopaxi, Pico de Orizaba, Kilimanjaro. Have all necessary gear